Audi A6 Avant by ABT: Yes, there are Diesel-Tuning

New Look and more Diesel-Boom-for-Audi new Business Combi

The end of 2017, there were always rumors that Audi would equip the next Generation of the S6 and S7 Sportback with a Diesel. Almost one and a half years later, it has still managed none of the two models in the Showroom. The S6 Avant we have caught already as good as fall, and his official presentation has to be just before. A self-starter, the Power is not have combination but safe under-the-hood. We expect with the 2.9-Liter twin-turbo V6 petrol engine from the RS 4, Porsche Cayenne S and co.

A lot faster, Abt-station wagon

RS4-R sold out: the Abbot sets the new RS4+ with 510 HP on
Abbot has the ultimate Audi RS6 Avant built

What this has to do with the vehicle in these pictures? Well, a S6 Diesel, it will not be expected to. If you see no sense in a life without a strong A6-oil Burner, then you Tuner Abt can help out now. At the Geneva auto salon in 2019, which begins in early March, show the allgäu a fancy tents variant of the new A6 Avant. Including Bodykit, Monumental rims and performance enhancement for the more powerful of the two 3.0-litre V6 TDI.

The “Abt Power”sticker on the engine cover. Here is what inflated device by using a extra expensive. From the standard 286 BHP and 620 Nm of Abt makes 330 HP and 670 Nm. The Kempten-based company promises a 0-100-km/h value of 5.5 seconds, two-tenths faster than from the factory. If the four black, tailpipe emissions trims with 89 mm diameter and the Diesel Sound a bit grim, what not to be.

For this, they put in a new rear apron insert with diffuser. The two are of the front apron attachment, the sword Spoiler and the front Zierstreben to the gloss black Abt-aerodynamic-package for the A6. Who is on very large wheels, the Abbots so find. 9,5×21 inch with 38 offset you put under the wagon. Together with 255/35S at the Continental-Pneus.

In the interior there is a little more subtle. A Abt Start-stop button and a door entry lighting, the projected in-the-Dark, the Logo of the Tuner in the Asphalt, have to do.

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