Toyota consolidates electronics business with Denso

5.4.2019 Cologne. The Toyota Motor Corporation wants to transfer its electronics business, to Denso Corporation.

After both companies had already agreed in June 2018 at a basic agreement on the consolidation, it was confirmed this decision in a contract. Already from 1. April 2020 to be bundled, both the development and the production of electronic core components at Denso.

When it comes to electronic components for the Toyota group, these activities currently underway at Toyota and Denso. By bringing together these tasks within Denso, which has extensive Expertise in this area, built a fast and competitive development and production structure.

It is also about an improved use of resources: By eliminating duplicate structures, more resources are available. You can increase the competitiveness of the Toyota group.

After originally a consolidation of the production until the end of 2019, and the development area, what is provided starting in 2022, both of which are now jointly in April 2020, to ensure a smooth Transition and to establish the new structure faster.

The vertices of the contract

Consolidation of the production processes for electronic components

On 1. April 2020 wants to consolidate the production of electronic components in the Toyota factory Hirose at Denso. The plot, the production infrastructure (including buildings, equipment, and Software) and other items in the work Hirose will be transferred to Denso.

Merging development functions for electronic components

1. April 2020 summarizes the development of capabilities for electronic components at Denso. Appropriate drawings, development of appliances and other Equipment will be transferred to Denso.

Toyota Hybrid (Photo: Toyota)

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