4.6.2019 fuel prices with the new year peak

4.6.2019. Motorists had to make in may to the tank as much pay as never before in this year. According to the monthly market analysis of the ADAC, a Liter of Super E10 costing in the Mediterranean 1,508 euros and 6.1 cents more than in April.

Diesel rose 2.3 cents to 1,302 euros. Petrol is now around 18 cents per litre more expensive than in January, and in the case of Diesel, the increase is around 6 cents is much more moderate.

New year, maximum values were achieved when the daily average prices. The most expensive Super E10 with 1,531 euros per Liter on may 23, what. May. For Diesel drivers have an average of 1,316 Euro am 21. May the most pay. The best you could Super E10 in the past month, with 1,483 Euro per litre on 1. May fill up. Diesel, however, what the end of the month at the cheapest. 31. May the litre cost in the medium-1,292 Euro.

In view of the recent noticeable decline in crude oil prices, the ADAC holds the current fuel price level at gas stations is not justified.

The ADAC car traveller is recommended to note when filling up the regular fluctuations of the fuel prices in the course of a day. According to the evaluation of the ADAC, the best times are between 19 and 22 o’clock. Support the Smartphone App “ADAC fuel prices”. For detailed information on the fuel market, there are so www.adac.de/tanken.

With the ADAC benefits program is cheaper to refuel: ADAC members receive a Cent off per litre fuel at every fifth gas station in Germany. All the info is available at www.adac.de/mitgliedschaft/mitglieder-vorteilsprogramm.

Fuel prices in may 2019 (source: ADAC e. V.)

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