More than 1,500 electric car to the lessee by the cooperation of Renault Germany and ADAC SE

6.6.2019 (ADAC SE). Since the beginning of the lease, cooperation, Renault Germany and ADAC SE in September 2018, more than 1500 ADAC members have opt for the Leasing of electric cars Renault ZOE.

Since its market entry, this model is what is purchased over 20,000 Times. By the end of April, the vehicle was able to record a total of 21.449 approvals on. In the period of the cooperation of ADAC SE, and Renault Germany alone until April 2019 6585 approvals.

ADAC members will ZOE continue to receive special conditions when Leasing a Renault. The program will initially run until the end of September 2019. The strong demand is also reflected in the high response to the 24-hour test drive, which for those interested, free of charge, through the network of Renault-Partner is possible.

In addition to the ability to collect via Leasing hands-on experience with electro-mobility, the ADAC the ADAC e – Charge card and App-members who drive an electric car, so charging at transparent prices, and in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

In the course of its Offensive, “We make e-mobile” offers the ADAC as a leading mobility service provider-to-date information and numerous consulting services. The commercially active ADAC SE offers rental, lease, and financing opportunities related to electric mobility.

Product range:

The Leasing offers of the ADAC SE, lake to.

The YouTuber “Alex Electrified” has tested the Renault ZOE at the ADAC driving safety centre (Regensburg, Germany) in extreme situations. Source: ADAC SE/Theo Klein

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