6.6.2019 – fuel prices case, only slightly

6.6.2019. After the Year highs in may, drivers can recharge the batteries for a little cheaper. According to the current evaluation of the ADAC Super E10 reduced compared to the previous week to a national average of 1.1 cents to 1,514 euros per litre.

For a Liter of Diesel, you have to pay in funds 1,282 euros, a decrease of 1.5 cents.

Despite the slight relaxation of the current price level of the tank is excessive, according to the ADAC clearly. Gasoline is still almost 20 cents per litre more expensive than in February. In view of the last days to 62 dollars per Barrel collapse in crude oil prices – a Stand that is situated under the values from February – would be a much stronger decrease is appropriate.

The ADAC motorists recommends, to compare against the fuel prices. Who make the sometimes considerable price differences between the tank and the times of Day uses, saves money, and strengthens the competition between the providers. Uncomplicated and quick help offers the Smartphone-App “ADAC fuel prices”. For detailed information on the fuel market and current prices there are so www.adac.de/tanken.

With the ADAC benefits program is cheaper to refuel: ADAC members receive a Cent off per litre fuel at every fifth gas station in Germany. All the info is available at www.adac.de/mitgliedschaft/mitglieder-vorteilsprogramm.

Fuel prices week-over-week (source: ADAC e. V.)

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