BMW Group and Daimler AG to start long-term cooperation and development for automated Driving

4.7.2019 Munich/Stuttgart. The BMW Group and Daimler AG to launch their cooperation in the area of automated Driving. Representatives of both companies today signed a contract for a long-term, strategic cooperation in this area.

The BMW Group and Daimler plan to jointly develop the next generation of Technology for driving assistance systems and automated Driving on motorways, as well as automated Parking functions (up to SAE Level 4). In addition, the partners are also discussions about extending the scope of Cooperation in the future on higher degrees of Automation for the urban areas and cities. This underlines the long-term, and long-term character of cooperation towards a scalable platform of automated driving. The non-exclusive partnership is open to additional OEM and technology partners. The results of the cooperation are also offered to other OEMs for licensing.

Goal of the cooperation is, among other things, a rapid market adoption of the technology is From the year 2024, the corresponding system in passenger Cars for private customers should be available. Each company wants to implement the results of the development cooperation individually in its series of products. In the framework of the cooperation of over 1,200 professionals will work together in mixed Teams. Include the locations of the BMW Group’s Autonomous Driving Campus in Unterschleissheim near Munich, as well as the Mercedes‑Benz Technology Center (MTC) in Sindelfingen, the Daimler testing and technology center in Immendingen. The tasks are, among other things, to design a scalable architecture for driver assistance systems including Sensors, a common data center for the storage, management and processing of data, as well as to develop functions and Software.


  • Safety First for Automated Driving
  • Automated Driving at BMW Group:
  • Automated Driving in the Daimler AG:

Safety First for Automated Driving

In the cross-industry white paper “Safety First-for-Automated Driving” will have lights, the BMW Group and Daimler together with Aptiv film, Audi, Baidu, Continental, Fiat Chrysler, HERE, Infineon, Intel and Volkswagen, the issue of security. The publication summarises all the relevant safety practices for automated Driving, SAE Level 3 and Level 4, and introduces a method of traceability. This extends from the TOP goal – safer than the average driver up to the individual security of each component’s objectives. The white paper what on 2. July 2019 published.

Automated Driving at BMW Group:

The BMW Group has been working since 2006 on highly automated Driving, and has established for the development to the series a non-exclusive platform, technology, supply, and OEM partners to maturity. Since 2017, the development is bundled at the Autonomous Driving Campus in Unterschleissheim and the industrialization of the technology is developed together with the partner. Unique the from Level 2 to 4 scalable technology approach that allows for a high degree of flexibility and viability for the future is. The first-ever use of agile software development accelerates the development of the platform and sets new standards in the automotive industry. In the world of the latest technology, with currently more than 70 test vehicles on the road being tested. The vehicles collect information to improve the technology through machine Learning with artificial intelligence in the virtual Simulation, and test new features of SAE Level 2 to Level 5 on the street. The currently developed generation of Technology will go in 2021, for the first time in the BMW iNEXT with Level 3 in the series, and for pilot projects with Level 4 to be qualified.

Automated Driving in the Daimler AG:

The Daimler AG has been working for quite some time-intensive to series development projects, both for specific Level 3 vehicles as well as for Level 4/5 vehicles. In this regard, Daimler is building on a long and pioneering role in active safety systems, their functionality can be programmed in many Parts of the beginning in-house. In San José in the Silicon Valley in 2019, the first Pilot Tests of the Mercedes is started-Benz and Bosch for self-driving vehicles (Level 4/5) in the urban area. This is a further milestone in the existing cooperation between the two partners and the cooperation will be continued as planned. At the beginning of the next decade Mercedes wants to bring-Benz both highly automated (Level 3) and fully automated (Level 4/5) vehicles on the market. As the only OEM in the world, Daimler AG is positioned on the basis of the entire portfolio from passenger Cars and Van and Bus to the Truck for all relevant cases of application of Autonomous driving and is therefore in automated Driving on scalable solutions.

Daimler AG and BMW Group to start long-term cooperation and development for automated Driving.
(Photo: BMW AG)

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