Renault ZOE doubled new registrations in 1. Half of the year 2019, in Germany, and remains the number one

17.7.2019. The Renault ZOE remains Germany’s best-selling electric car. With a growth rate of 106.3 per cent, and 5.551 approvals in the first six months of ZOE claimed the Pole Position among the purely electrically powered vehicles. The electric market share of the compact ve-door vehicle is located at 17.9 percent.

Overall, Renault has sold in the first half of the year 2019, in Germany, as many electric cars as never before in a comparable period of time. The sales of Renault models Twizy, ZOE, Kangoo Z. E. and Master Z. E., rose by 96 per cent to 6.295 purely electrically powered vehicles. (January to June 2018: 3.214 units). The Renault market share in the E-car Segment is located at the end of June at 18.4 percent.

From the electric vans, the Renault Kangoo Z. E. were admitted between January and June of 583 vehicles (January to June 2018: 313 units; +86.3%). The Renault Master Z. E. has recorded approvals in the first half of the year 12. 149 sales of Quad-classified Renault Twizy.

New Renault ZOE from the end of July can be ordered

The Renault ZOE is Europe’s best-selling electric car in the last six years, receives a complete refresh. With the new e-50 Lithium-ion battery with 52 kWh capacity the third ZOE Generation creates up to 390 kilometers, the range in the WLTP test cycle.

As a further novelty, the Renault has the ZOE in the future, so the ability to DC fast charging. A leap in the performance of the ZOE learns a new electric motor: The unit R135 mobilized 100 kW/135 HP. Add to this a newly designed Cockpit with large to 9.3-inches (23.6 cm) touch screen on the Basis of the new, networked multimedia system, EASY LINK, as well as new driver assistance systems.

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