Vignettes 2020: The new prices for Austria, Slovenia and Switzerland

29.11.2019 (ADAC media and travel GmbH). Motorists who travel regularly to neighboring countries, can already 1. December, the vignettes 2020 benefits for Austria, Slovenia and Switzerland. All year vignettes 2019 are up to and including 31. January 2020 and valid.

The Austrian vignette prices for 2020 have increased slightly. The new price for the Car of the year vignette is 91,10 € (+ 1,90€), for two months 27.40 (+ 60 cents) and the 10-day sticker 9,40 Euro (+ 20 cents) now costs. Even motorcycle riders will have to dig deeper in the bag: The annual sticker now costs 36,20 euros (+ 70 cents), the Two-month-Vignette 13,70 Euro (+ 30 cents) and the Ten-day Vignette for € 5.40 (+ 10 cents).

Motorists who need an annual vignette for Switzerland, now have to pay 38,00 euros (+ 1,50 Euro). The price increase is due to the exchange rate, in Switzerland, to 40 francs. In Slovenia, however, the prices remain so in 2020, stable, one year Car toll costs 110 euros, a month is 30 euros, and for seven days is 15 Euro.

Exemptions from the mandatory toll sticker requirement

The Austrian national Council has recently decided, on the highway, no more toll sections will be required. The exemptions are from 15. December 2019, to come into force. It deals with the following sections:

• A12 Inntal motorway (between the state border at Kufstein and the junction Kufstein-Süd)

• West-highway A1 (between the state border at Walserberg and the junction Salzburg Nord)

• Rhine valley/Walgau motorway A14 (between the state border at Hörbranz and the connection point Hohenems)

• Linzer Motorway A26

• Mühlkreis motorway A7 (bypass bridge between the exit port street and Urfahr)

For more information on the Digital Vignette, special tolls and fines can be found here.

Product range

The vignettes for Austria are available today, for Slovenia and Switzerland 1. December in all ADAC offices and on the Internet at as well as by telephone at 0 800 5 10 11 12 (Monday to Saturday 8 to 20 hrs) available.

Vignettes 2020 for Slovenia, Austria and Switzerland. Source: ©ADAC media and travel GmbH

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