9.1.2020 – price margin between petrol and Diesel is shrinking significantly

9.1.2020. Motorists need to grab for Diesel is significantly lower in the bag than at the turn of the year. Petroleum what is cheaper. According to the current evaluation of the ADAC, a Liter of Super E10 costing, in Federal funds currently 1,407 euros, that is 1.5 cents less than the previous week. Diesel prices increased 2.2 cents to an average of 1,336 Euro per litre.

The difference in price between the two varieties is only 7.1 per Cent, the lowest level in eleven months. A difference of about 22 cents per litre compared to the tax burden. This development is also influenced by seasonal factors such as the demand for heating Oil.

The worsening conflict in the Persian Gulf reinforced the increase in the price of crude oil, which has been ongoing since the beginning of October 2019, and thus increases the fuel prices at the pump. A Barrel of Brent crude oil currently costs just over 68 dollars, which was around ten dollars more than at the beginning of October 2019.

The ADAC motorists recommends, to compare against the fuel prices. Who make the sometimes considerable price differences between the tank and the times of Day uses, saves money, and also strengthens the competition between the providers. So to refuel after a current evaluation of the ADAC usually cheapest between 18 and 22 o’clock. Uncomplicated and quick help offers the Smartphone-App “ADAC fuel prices”.

For detailed information on the fuel market and current prices there are so www.adac.de/tanken.

Fuel prices the national average (source: ADAC)

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