Volkswagen and diconium build cooperation

10.1.2020. The Volkswagen group and the founder shareholders of diconium have agreed on a Takeover of the remaining shares of Volkswagen to diconium.

With the complete acquisition of the shares of Volkswagen is strengthening its skills in the development of digital marketing solutions. This includes the development of a global Online is one platform for sales, the customers of all the group’s brands shopping in the future, digital services and On-Demand functions for your networked vehicle and be able to manage.

diconium brings its Expertise to this in the Car.Software organization in the Volkswagen group, the brand developed across the Software in the vehicle, the digital Ecosystem and customer-related functions in the trade. The closing of the share acquisition is subject to regulatory approvals.

Already in November 2018, the Volkswagen group had announced the acquisition of 49 percent of the shares in diconium. With the acquisition of further 51 per cent of the shares in Volkswagen creates the conditions for a greater design role of diconium in the Car.Software-Organization.

Under the roof of the Car.Software organization, the experts of diconium develop a global Online sales platform. Customers of the group’s brands should be able to buy through this platform in the future, digital services and On-Demand functions for your networked vehicle and manage. This includes functions such as Multimedia Streaming in the car, auto-Pay for Refueling, Loading, and Parking, as well as Updates for the vehicle count. To this end, the Online will be linked to sales platform with the Volkswagen Automotive Cloud, whose structure is also in the Car.Software organization is responsible for.

“We in the Volkswagen group have a claim, our customers a constantly growing range of innovative digital value-added services to provide you can use safely and comfortably directly in the car and with their mobile devices,” says Christian Senger, Volkswagen brand Board of management for a Digital Car & Services and CEO of the Car.Software-Organization. “The technological base is an Online distribution platform, we are in the Car.Software organization unit of development for all brands. The experts knowledge, experience, and digital culture with our colleagues from diconium will bring us significantly forward.“

Jürgen Stackmann, Volkswagen brand Board member for sales and Marketing, says: “We at Volkswagen, our strong traditional expand core business with our growing ‘We’Ecosystem, with the we offer tailored digital services and mobility offerings for our customers. Future-oriented competences for the Expansion of our digital business skills are key to this process. We want to be connecting vehicles, customers and our partners in the trade even more with each other and to the overall ‘brand experience Volkswagen’s’ create. For the realization of Omni-Channel offer for our customers, we need the e-Commerce expertise of strong partners such as diconium.“

Collaboration on the new Volkswagen We have a Campus in Berlin

Teams from Volkswagen and diconium have been working together since July, 2019 on the new Volkswagen We have a Campus in Berlin. The We Campus, Volkswagen gradually lead approximately 900 professionals for the development of new mobility services and digital services want. The Gr Campus a development center in the future, an important role for the Car Software organization.

Andreas Schwend, co-founder and Co-CEO of diconium, says: “After a year of successful partnership Daniel Rebhorn pleased, and I perceive us as the founder of the very, this is a unique opportunity for our company and our employees. Our brand and DNA is preserved. This step secures for diconium, its employees as well as our existing and new customers a clear development perspective. We would like to thank Volkswagen for the opportunity to be one of the currently most exciting digitisation projects help to shape.“

The company diconium with headquarters in Stuttgart, was founded in 1995 and is a leading specialist in the holistic design of digital business models. These include both strategy as well as Design the User Experience (UX), implementation, and operational implementation of business ideas. Among the core competencies of diconium the development of distribution platforms for digital products and Services, as well as IT systems in the customer management.

(Source: Volkswagen AG)

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