BMW Group Classic at the GP Ice Race 2020 in Zell am see

13.1.2020 Munich. The cold is not for everyone, but there are two advantages of a race meeting for historic cars on ice are not to be dismissed out of Hand: low abrasion resistance and natural cooling for overheated motors, tires.

On the weekend of 1. and 2. February 2020 will be launched in the Austrian Zell am see for the second Time, the GP Ice Race Racing, classic, different brands, and daredevil pilots to deliver there, thrilling duels on the freezing ground. For the first time, the BMW Group Classic has been involved in the icy spectacle.

The GP Ice Race 2020 vehicles of victory, the genes are sent, including a BMW M3 of the first Generation, and twice won the car of the mountain championship tour, before he became a successful rally car, and a MINI ALL4 Racing, the winning vehicle of the Dakar rally 2012. In addition, the replica of the classic Mini Cooper S, which was only a few weeks ago in the Coppa delle Alpi in 2019 for a splash, even on the ice rink in Zell am see at the Start.

With the GP Ice Race is reminiscent of legendary racing events, which between 1937 and 1974, respectively, in the winter season on the frozen lake in the municipality have been hero and many visitors attracted. The new edition will take place on a natural ice rink at the old airport, where in addition to the classics, and young, and so actual racing cars and a number of prominent driver to the forces timer to measure against winter mountain scenery to compete.

The event program so Skijoring, with the origins of the Ice in Zell am see attached if there is one. Daring skiers were there once, of galloping horses, and later motorcycles and cars on the icy slopes.

The BMW Group Classic sends two historical racing cars on the ice, won their greatest successes once on entirely different Terrain. For the GP Ice Race of 2020, the first Generation BMW M3 what is reported, with the Frenchman Francis Dosières in 1988 and 1989, respectively, the Berg-European championship for touring cars could win. In the following year, the BMW M3 what is converted to a rally car. And so, in the new discipline he showed his Strengths.

Dosières‘ country man Patrick Artru what with him for several years successfully in the French rally Championships. Piloted the BMW M3 of a local hero wants. For the native of Salzburg DTM driver Philipp Eng, the GP Ice Race is one race home.

Sand and gravel were once the domain of the MINI ALL4 Racing. In 2012, the two Frenchmen Stéphane Peterhansel and Jean-Paul Cottret have won with him on the Dakar rally. It is the first Dakar was a success for MINI. Eight years later, Christian Menzel, tests whether the MINI ALL4 Racing can Shine not only in the desert, but also on ice with unstoppable forward thrust. Menzel is experienced in long-distance racer. In 1998, he was a member of the driver’s which won in the BMW 320d, the 24-hour race at the Nürburgring Quartet,.

Its second use in the Alps within a few weeks, the replica of the Mini Cooper S in the rally Version. The car what in December on a snowy or already cleared roads, so the trail leads this time on the bare ice. Versatility has made it the most sporty variant of the classic Mini, however, earlier evidence. In the years 1964, 1965 and 1967 and won by the Mini Cooper S at the Monte Carlo rally.

In addition, the BMW Group Classic presents in Zell am see two classic cars that were once at the 24 hours of Le Mans, caused a stir. The BMW M1, the distances in the year 1981 in the case of the French long classic began, it occurred right off the bat, with its unusual paint job.

The graphic artist Walter Mason had decorated the mid-engine sports car with hand-painted illustrations of the tradition of Munich’s restaurants and attractions. The “tavern car” has become a Symbol for the close connection between the BMW and the local sponsor, from Munich. In Zell am see, together with the Le-Mans-winner-of-the-year in 1999 shown: the BMW V12 LMR. With this open-top sports car, BMW managed for the first time with a work of overall victory in the legendary car, most long-distance races in the world.

BMW Group Classic at the GP Ice Race in 2020. V. l. n. r.: Morris Mini Cooper S Works rally (replica) BMW M3 rally (E30), MINI ALL4 RACING X-RAID DAKAR. (01/2020) (photo: BMW AG)

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