Porsche Previews – Santiago E-Prix, 3. Run to the FIG FIA formula E championship 2019/2020

13.1.2020 Stuttgart. After the successful season opener in November with a second place in Diriyah E-Prix (Saudi Arabia) by Porsche factory driver André Lotterer (D) is traveling, the TAG Heuer Porsche formula-E Team is confident for the third run of the FIGURE of the FIA formula E championship 2019/2020 to Chile.

It is the aim of the Santiago E-Prix on the 18. January 2020 in the points ranking, to complete and to gather further valuable experience.


  • Questions and answers about Santiago E-Prix
    • Neel Jani (Porsche Factory Driver, #18)
    • André Lotterer (Porsche Factory Driver, #36)
    • Amiel Lindesay (Head Of Formula E)
  • About Santiago E-Prix
    • The Format
    • The Track
    • The Times

Questions and answers about Santiago E-Prix
Neel Jani (Porsche Factory Driver, #18)

How did you prepare in the last few weeks, the formula E race in Santiago de Chile?
“The two races in Saudi Arabia at the end of November for me and the whole Team has a steep learning curve. I was using my weekend is not satisfied. We have set ourselves in recent weeks with all the Details, to analyze the areas in which there is potential for improvement. Vehicle setting and energy management were in the foreground. The difficulty is to get everything to the point. Everyone has made during the winter break of his homework and now we have a look at where we stand in Chile. Points are definitely the goal.“

What is your first impression of the course in Santiago?

“My first impression of the Simulator is that the track in comparison to Diriyah is quite different. It is more of a classical formula E-course with tight curves and hairpin bends, not quite as fast and with less differences in altitude. The track has one of the longest Straight. There we could achieve in comparison to all other formula-E-routes in the racing calendar, a high top speed. As for the Asphalt, there could be also differences, which affect the Level of Grip, and thus on the vehicle’s attitude.“

André Lotterer (Porsche Factory Driver, #36)

What do you expect after your very successful start to the season of this race in Chile?
“In General, I am for the race in Chile, cautiously optimistic. We had a great start to the season in Saudi Arabia, but I am so aware that there is still potential for improvement. As a new formula-E Team, we have got a lot to learn. The break was very good for us, since we had time to analyze a lot of data. Therefore, I am confident that we will increase in Chile again. If we are going to have a similar race, such as in Saudi Arabia, it is difficult to predict. We have come without incident through the qualification, then we have good chances for points. The potential is definitely there.“

How does the price on the Porsche 99X Electric?

“Last year, the temperatures in Santiago were high. Therefore, the race for us drivers, which is quite exhausting. The route was modified for the current season, you should be the Porsche 99X Electric. The philosophy of the vehicle-setting goes in a good direction.“

Amiel Lindesay (Head Of Formula E)

Influenced by the successful kick-off in Saudi Arabia the objectives for the first formula E season set for Porsche?
“We have lakes in Diriyah E-Prix, the Porsche 99X Electric front and is competitive. In the course of the season, it will be important, however, to provide in Qualifying, constant services, and to drive at every race in the points. Were these factors in the last formula E seasons the key to success. We are convinced that we have both the vehicle as well as the Team. Despite the positive season start, our objectives remain the same: We try out each race to the Maximum.“

What are the expectations of the race in Chile?

“To Saudi Arabia, we had sufficient time to achieve our processes and, in some areas efficiency gains. The knowledge we have gained, we are at the next race in Chile. We want to build on the success of the Diriyah E-Prix. Generally speaking, Top-10-rankings and points are a realistic target.“

About Santiago E-Prix
The Format

The third race in the sixth season of the FIG, the FIA formula E championship 2019/2020 takes place in the centre of Chile’s capital, Santiago, in the Parque O’higgins. On the day before the race (17. January) there is a short function test (Shakedown). On The Day Of The Race (18. January) the first two free practice sessions on the program. The first lasts 45 minutes, the second 30 minutes. In the Qualifying groups of four teams each of six riders. The division depends on the current driver’s standings. André Lotterer, will start as the sixth-place finisher in group 1 and Neel Jani 21. in group 4. The riders, six minutes are available to complete the best round. The fastest six drivers from all groups will qualify for the 20-minute Superpole. There will be decided who will take the race from the first, second and third row of the grid in the attack. The race lasts 45 minutes plus a lap.

The Track

The 2,287-kilometre-long road course in Santiago is one of the classical formula E tracks with narrow passages, hairpin turns and a total of eleven curves. Striking a long-drawn-out left curve (Turn 8), as well as a long Straight is.

The Times

The qualification and the race of the Santiago E-Prix will be transmitted on Eurosport.
Qualification: Eurosport 1, 18. January 2020, 19:05 – 19:45 (CET)
Race: Eurosport 1, 18. January 2020, 19:45 – 21:00 live (GMT)

The ARD transfers the formula E race on Saturday in the ARD live stream (available only in Germany).

André Lotterer (photo: Porsche AG)

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