SEAT 2019, with 175 percent more new registrations compared to 2010

13.1.2020. As the SEAT S. A. in may 2010, the proud 60 years old, the atmosphere what is considerably more subdued stores located in Germany. It is already clear: The will to 70. Birthday this year is quite different.

In the course of the past decade the tide has turned completely SEAT has developed from a problem child to the conquest machine of the Volkswagen group. The show, especially the impressive Figures from Germany – the main market for the Spanish brand. A review of the past decade.

Around 50,000 new registrations in the year 2010

Ten years ago, the car looked mobile world is completely different: Due to the scrapping premiums of the German car market in 2009, celebrated a record year and ended up at the Start of the new decade on the ground with a high double-digit decline in new registrations. The got, of course, to feel so SEAT, The Spanish brand recorded in 2010 in Germany, only slightly more than 50,000 new registrations – a decrease of 27.3 percent compared to the previous year, and had a market share of just 1.7 percent.

The turning point: four-Time Council in a row of double-digit growth

New models and product enhancements SEAT made a change of course: In the following years, the brand celebrated its Council in Germany, four Times in succession double-digit growth. The year 2014 ended SEAT with 93.129 new registrations, compared to the year 2010, an increase of 84.6 percent. The market share of Spaniards rose during the same period, by 1.4 percentage points to 3.1 percent.

Two years of start-up, then the big product offensive came

In the two following years, the SEAT not only held the high level, but was able to increase the number of new registrations in Germany continue to gradually and scratched already in 2016, the limit of 100,000 vehicles (97.585). The last three years of the past decade should finally exceed the previous years, again significantly, mainly thanks to the largest product offensive in the history of the Spanish automobile manufacturer. This all started with the Upgrade of the SEAT Leon and the fifth Generation of the SEAT Ibiza* and culminated in the SUV Offensive with the new and successful models SEAT Ateca*, SEAT Arona* and SEAT Tarraco*.

Three record years in a row

Thanks to this product offensive SEAT Germany scored Council in the last three years, with continuous double-digit growth in 2017 broke the Spaniard in this country for the first time, the brand of 100,000 new registrations (108.203) and increased with two more record-breaking years and is now 138.670 new registrations in 2019. SEAT what with a record market share of 3.8 percent in the year 2019, the second-largest importer in Germany and is ranked eight among the most popular brands. The bottom line is that the number of new registrations increased from 2010 to 2019, thus, by an impressive 175 per cent.

“The development of The brand in the past decade, a single success story SEAT,” sums up Bernhard Bauer, managing Director of SEAT Deutschland GmbH,. “Especially in the last three years, it went international, and particularly on the German market is really good for SEAT.”

For 20 years, Bernhard Bauer is optimistic: “in Spite of pessimistic forecasts for our industry, I see the SEAT – and, above all, of course, our new Performance brand-CUPRA – so for the coming years in a very good position and with great potential for further growth. Our environment friendly CNG models are extremely popular and with the launch of our electro-Offensive I see no reason at all why the success story of the past decade, not even in the new decade should continue.“

SEAT of el Born (Foto: SEAT)

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