ContiSeal-sealing technology in the future with the continent-transport tires

11.2.2020 Hannover. Sealing technology, Continental Tire, Continental transportation in the future will be used. Objects five millimetres, reliable, and without loss of pressure seals the tire tread of the injuries.

For this reason the largest portion of the transportation economic and safe operation tires a tire failure – there may be a significant contribution. Nails or screws because the “tire failures, rules, costs for shipping companies,” says Jan-Ole van Length, Product Manager, EMEA transportation and Van tires like the continent.

“Even small holes in a vehicle for loading a load failure or replacement car posture time-consuming will lead to. ContiSeal technology, 90 percent of the possible running surface damage to the seal in a reliable way.“ Continental Commercial Vehicles and carriers for all-season winter tires, ContiSeal will examine the use of technology.

Tire size 215/65 R 16 C 106 often the first with this technology Monte / 104 t 100 VanContact, production begins this month. Sturdy for carrying heavy loads on bad roads is a rubber.

The side wall with the bar on powerful cleaning, stone paving, stone deflector challenges you in touch with basic profile, tread design and extra sturdy worse ways to allow you to master it easily. With heavy loads reinforced carcass also long-term use is possible; this is also the driving stability benefits. Part-silica mixture and the flat ground contact surface, high mileage performance, even under difficult conditions.

100 VanContact (photo: Continental AG)

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