An innovative solution for electric vehicles ultra fast charge

11.2.2020. Ultra-dense joint network-construction rapid charging stations for E-vehicles can actually be significantly faster than previously assumed. E. Food Group components and the Volkswagen new, flexible, ultra-fast charging station the first prototype was found.

Engineering or electrical connection with the integration of the battery system without rapid charging stations almost everywhere, it is possible to install the Ultra and much better terms.

According to the assessment of the components of the Volkswagen Group E. ON and the new technology for ultra-speed charging stations makes more where they are really needed. The city and municipalities, as well as gas stations and roadhouses in particular, a high interest E. This solution was recorded. In addition, the proposal retail trade, logistics company, Parcel Services, parking, is specifically designed for the provision of electricity.

Standing on the pillar to have been installed, plug and Play, link, online configuration according to the principle. Two electric car charging power of 150 kW fast charger at the same time, and thus, on average, more than 200 km may be only 15 minutes to reach you. Thus, the battery charging station powered by a conventional power connection 16 with sufficient capacity for 63 amps, it’s permanent.

E. quick, just Yesil Ultra charger will operate with electricity. Charging stations updates, remote maintenance, and billing software platform on E. Center will be on. Eichholtz financially supported and meet the requirements of both EU policy and the German technology meet all needs.

The components of the Volkswagen Group, Thomas Schmall, chairman of the board of directors: “to roll is an important component charging stations-electric mobility speed, we have developed a flexible, quick and simple structure, met with an innovative approach to customer needs. E. There is an important cooperation partner that can use this technology.“

E. a member of the board of directors Karsten Wildberger: “E already made and European electric mobility for many years on motorways its ultra-fast tank has to make. From the beginning, discusses the problems and demands of our customers, and today the Volkswagen Group is the next step in the direction of the components of the future there. By combining our strengths, now ultra-fast coupling contribution to the sector than traditional solutions faster, easier, and cheaper, and we can offer our customers charging systems.“

E. business model and developed by the Volkswagen Group components together. For the automotive industry, Product Innovation, Knowledge Integration System with the engine E. the charging area has been shaped based on Sunday.

The components of the Volkswagen Group the start of this year, mass production will be. In the second half of the year, E. new charging stations motorway service stations, sixteen heavily test, and then the German market, under the name of E. booster drive will be first.

An innovative solution for electric vehicles ultra fast charge
Public charging infrastructure Components collaboration Volkswagen and E. ON Group. (PHOTO: Volkswagen AG)

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