For parsing, the advantage of the Hyundai-specific models, Kona and Tucson

11.2.2020. The advantage of assigning special models Hyundai has a good reputation with customer delight. Thus, the SUV, Tucson is already a custom model as an advantage until 2017.

Now, the pressure is small for parsing, lifestyle Kona and Tucson SUV, the car can be ordered.

The advantage is that all custom models aimed at customers, especially the attractive price and a high quality appearance is important a good connection to your new car. Advantage models equipped with alloy wheels and other visual upgrades are free (Apple CarPlay, Android Auto), DAB+radio and Bluetooth hands-color touchscreen offers smartphone integration with the constantly modern interior.

Advantage models-they wanted to Trend line equipment, is holding up well, but the higher positioned models includes additional tools, like the advantage of only some of the features within the design. With high-quality equipment that can be used to advantage+ as is in addition to all three models.

Advantage rear view camera Hyundai Santa Fe gls

Hyundai Santa Fe gls offers a variety of custom paint options Advantage: in contrast to the selected color out of the car, the exterior mirrors are painted black. Elegant grey and black interior (seat, Comfort Gray) and the rear side windows and rear glass are kept in the dark. The advantage of parsing the above general improvements, as well as multimedia system reverse camera rear and two additional speakers. Hyundai Santa Fe gls Advantage; g/km CO2 emissions combined: order of 17 thousand euros, equipped with a 1.2-11,-urban application time: extra, 5.8, together, urban L/100 km, 62 kW/84 HP (Fuel Consumption 132) with a-liter four-cylinder: might be.

Special equipment with the advantage of new parsing+ of the series will be released as the top model from the group. The customer then Phantom Black, inner-projection headlights-dimming mirror, automatic climate control, paint, roofing, in addition to the Extra quality, especially such as 16 inch alloy wheels, rain sensor, automatic Hyundai MapCare gets high and Halogen & live services, including parsing with the advantage of LED daytime running lights, navigation system and radio compared.
The card material is continuously and regularly updated, free, this means that during the trip, weather and real-time information about the traffic situation. Hyundai Santa Fe gls euro’s Advantage 18.450+.

-Kona Full Advantage Hyundai LED+ headlights

Two advantages for Kona lifestyle Hyundai SUV versions are also available, and here is the disposition of the equipment that is used as a base. Advantage package recipients, B-pillar, Radio, navigation system, rearview camera, Krell audio system, alloy wheels, automatic climate control and tinted glass you will receive. Offer g/km emissions: 129 combined 27.900 Euro 99 g/km 4,3; combined kWh/100 km power consumption: 0, 0; CO2 emissions combined with 100 L/s (fuel consumption) 104 kW/141 hp, Hybrid Kona urban 6,7, out-of-town practice hours: 100 L/liter gasoline engine and an 88 kW/120 hp (fuel consumption: 5,7; CO2 together) Applies for models 1.0 and between Kona 22.250 Euro 38.400 € Kona Electric 0 g/km, CO2 emissions combined program I. 30 kWh/100 km (electricity consumption::) starts with a 5 kWh battery storage capacity.

The only advantage to enter the diesel and hybrid version of the package for+ additional equipment-inch light-alloy wheels, amount, in addition to the full-screen, and front parking assistance-stop the start button, the head with LED headlights, LED headlights, smart key system-includes details such as filling. (Hybrid) owner 24.650 € (oil) or transition 30.450 Euro models here.

Hyundai Tucson Advantage+ extra large pack includes

The campaign in the context of the new special edition Hyundai Tucson, and re-existing advantages and a Advantages+ can be used. Attractive Details in line with the trend of the line as standard equipment in addition to the advantage Tucson, like the model parsing and Kona. Navigation system with lifetime map updates and traffic sign recognition 27.240 buyers Euro 18-inch, 8-inch color touch screen Radio-wheels may be.

Hyundai Tucson Advantage+ anyone who is interested in, 33.190 Euro, the biggest Extra package takes all the advantages of the models. 19-inch alloy wheels, stop start button, Full LED headlights with high-beam assistant, front, rear cross traffic Warner, in support of blind spot parking assist, smart key system, electric opening tailgate, Krell premium sound system and much more is coming.

At a glance all the advantage of custom models and prices:


Santa Fe gls 1.2 (62 kW)
17.000 €
18.450 €

parsing 1.0 T-GDI (74 kW)
17.900 €
19.350 €

parsing 1.0 T-GDI (74 kW) DCT
19.400 €
20.850 €

Kona 1.0 T-GDI (88 kW)
22.250 €
24.650 €

Kona Hybrid 1.6 GDI
(104 kW) DCT

27.900 €
30.450 €

Kona Electric 5 kWh
(100 kW)

38.400 €

Tucson 1.6 GDI (97 kW)
27.240 €

Tucson 1.6 T-GDI (130 kW)
29.990 €
33.190 €

Tucson 1.6 T-GDI (130 kW) DCT
31.890 €
35.090 €

Tucson Idrc 1.6 (100) kW 48 V
32.240 €
35.190 €

Tucson Idrc 1.6 (100) kW 48 V DCT
34.140 €
37.090 €


Fuel consumption and emission figures

Urban 7,1 4,6-5,9, the city’s out-of-hours application: Hyundai Santa Fe gls for advantage L/100 km fuel consumption – custom models, together with 5,8 5.1; g/km, CO2 emissions combined: 132-117; CO2 efficiency Class: E–C.

Urban 8,4 4,3-4,8–Advantage Hyundai Kona extra urban 6,2 L/100 km fuel consumption-custom models: 160-115 together 7,1; CO2 efficiency class: also 4.5 a; g/km CO2 emissions combined:

99; CO2 efficiency Class: A+g/km, 4,3 L/100 km, 0,0 kWh/100 km, CO2 emissions combined combined for the advantage of the Hyundai Kona Hybrid L/100 km fuel consumption-custom models:::.

180-117 A.; CO2 efficiency Class: D, g/km combined 7,8 4,2–4,4; combined CO2 emissions in urban 9,8–4,6-6,7 Advantage for Hyundai Tucson extra urban L/100 km fuel consumption-custom models:–:–

Projected fuel consumption and CO2 emissions NEDC WLKP measuring the appropriate method specified, and the converted values was determined.

Kona Electric Hyundai for the interests kWh/100 km power consumption-custom model: 15.4–combines program I. 30; g/km CO2 emissions 0; CO2 efficiency Class: A+combined.

In accordance with the values specified wlkp projected fuel consumption and CO2 emission-measurement method were determined.

Hyundai advantage Hyundai Santa Fe GLS (photo:)

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