In the press shop at BMW plant aluminum recycling expands

12.2.2020 Plant. The Pressing Plant Factory, the world’s largest BMW Group, the resulting aluminum plate to make all industrial recyclable, and recycled, which is pure redundancy, is the first to be dedicated.

Around 6.5 million euro plant for the application of the BMW press shop Technical re-equipment has invested in.

Lower Bavarian site, with 95 percent less greenhouse gas emissions per cent of new secondary aluminium production primary aluminum raw material for the production of a recycling process possible because it is the complete opposite of CO2 per year and 120 thousand tons of CO2 savings have been made.

More efficient use of raw materials

Press job redundancy parts of the hair to fall. Pre-production called fully automatic machines scrap the rest of the pages from each of two slides between the separated conveyor belts there are three different types of dice are distributed and pressed in. As a result, the aluminum compositions of the individual residues of the different components of the materials collected in a mixed form. After this separation in the recycling process is preserved.

For this purpose, the Novelis aluminum recycling by the BMW Group and world’s leading expert cooperate. An alloy of these materials, and in this sector, which are aluminum plates, used, among other things, at the same time BMW Group car production at the plant in the plant Plant you can use to make the aluminum particles of the resulting melts.

BMW Group Plant Plant in Christoph Schroeder, chief “with this system, we want to strengthen its position as a global competence hub aluminum company,” he says. “At the same time, already in the supply chain, we are assuming responsibility for the environment and efficient use of raw materials.”

The recycling process, the plant is now in the shop Press was established already at the BMW Group Plant in Landshut light metal for casting is being implemented. An emergency plant set up, now you should be a model for the whole company. Due to intelligent lightweight design and aluminum are also associated with other things – the importance of further developing electric mobility you will gain.

The plant, BMW plant (photo: BMW AG)

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