Yamaha expands partnership with the ADAC MX Masters

11.2.2020. Organizational tasks on the race track, Sebastian Klein Yamaha recently, Yamaha Motor Germany RVPP & accepted by the administrator MX Yamaha “Kodiak 450” ATV, ADAC MX Masters Team supports.

Four “utilities,” of the eight ADAC MX Masters events for various tasks in each of sector is used.

Eight ADAC MX Masters events, even the smallest visitors can ride a Yamaha. During the season Yamaha has a great quad, and a particular lesson is present. Young viewers two and four wheeled vehicles from the Japanese manufacturer you may have to try the guidance here.

ADAC MX Masters Team Motorsports supported Yamaha team with SHR in Germany, and three in the junior classes will be start again by 2020. The top riders of the team, and Slender Hannes, Mike has Volver. “We are very satisfied with the cooperation with Yamaha Motor Germany. Predominantly German drivers in all classes have consciously opted for. 2020, I have very positive initial tests with the bike,“ Yes, Hunecke, SHR had Motorsports team manager.

LS2 helmet with the tyre manufacturer Bridgestone and 2020, the support of two new partners, ADAC MX Masters. A previous partner, 24MX, Motul, Red Bull, Ohlins, Alliance, politics, race, KTM, Husqvarna, Honda, Kawasaki, Yamaha, For Magura, Motocross, partners, and mefo with the mouse Acerbis, Enduro, Cross Journal, dirt bike, Goldfren, Leatt Corporation as the remains of mefo Sport Series this year, it’s real.

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