ADAC heaters-hardness test

13.2.2020. In the winter, ice boarding with slices of chubby in a hot car: heaters have to offer. It is effective, ADAC fuel comparison, when we examined how Parking Heater energy.

The result of the heater to increase the comfort and safety of the trip: fuel, combustion process and at least has a positive effect on gas emissions. Yesil electric heaters energy does not make sense.

Test objects to illustrate a gas heater and an electric fuel heater 6 d (emission standard Euro-TEMP), as well as Audi A6 Diesel. there were 3 (emission standard Euro 6b) there was a pharmacist Mazda cars in the cold room at -10 ° C is cooled to a temperature, then the heaters reached the interior takes effective and how it is measured 21 degrees.

Powered by fuel heaters (Audi) 18 (Mazda) made a splash in 12 minutes or temperature. Audi is faster, “Island”, describing it as – heater “associated with a small circuit,” and the large cooling water circuit which is connected to Mazda, the “inline” internal solution as it’s not just the engine, heats.

Trailing behind the current state of the remote heater, maximum power (230 V) 3 kW heating network is limited to about 60 minutes ended with.

In the matter of pollutants, electric auxiliary heating points may be the only eco-friendly electricity to work with Yesil. Beech German power mix by otherwise non-trivial CO2 emissions.

Fuel-driven parking heater it’s not emit CO2 during the preheating phase, in addition to the pollutant, but that the weight enters. During a cold start without heater, on the contrary, (23 check cycle, under WLTC km) in the case of the next drive was launched, at least in the pre-heated gas is about 50 percent less carbon monoxide and 80% less hydrocarbons.

Euro-6 D-diesel-Temp, modern emission standards here, with a heater brings, has the potential for healing in terms of emissions of pollutants that are any good.

Stunning: Specifically, when the heater is turned off and switching constantly increases, particulate emissions were observed. Heater manufacturer to tackle all the legal limits are adhered to even if you have a problem.

No heater, by the way, you have to let the car stand to warm up. Not banned for environmental reasons this won’t work either. A gasoline vehicle, the diesel to run at least experimental arrangement described in 28 minutes in the case of a major pollutant and CO2 emissions Stand-you’ll have to leave 38 minutes.

Heaters ADAC endurance test (source: ADAC e. V.)

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