ADAC Youngtimer 2020 tours

13.2.2020. Cult of the 1990s, the ADAC regional clubs, the timer is a comfortable kind of vehicles in 2020, along with tours of four young.

Young classics 1990 2000 year Saarbrücken, Karlsruhe, Frankfurt and authentic Day tours around Dortmund, the atmosphere of each event it makes for good conversation on the evening of 90s, young-timers, heart beat faster the fans, the young timer, let’s have a party.

ADAC Youngtimer four pastoral stations and the regions of Karlsruhe, Saarbrücken, Frankfurt am Main and Dortmund as well as the participants to bring their own tools with vibration in the cities of 2020 tours.

The first of the year the ADAC Youngtimer Tour, organised by the ADAC Saarland 25th begins. Saarland April. Saarlouis, the West Germany federal government 1990s to discover small Funny Car.

6 Karlsruhe Baden ADAC for Northern Type. June. I am impressed with the route leading over the northern Black Forest, with amazing views. Frankfurt am Main metropolis and 29 young driver big city with a sweetheart scheduler sniff real Talent. August. ADAC Hessen/Thüringen in the “young timer rally” was held.

Ruhrpott style celebration-in 2020 ADAC Youngtimer touring, then a true result-guest game. 3 the last tour by the German ADAC, organized starting point for Westphalia, Dortmund. October.

2020 ADAC Youngtimer tours, timer-the young as well as community-minded people and the joy of a hobby, plan a four-day tours.

Scheduler tasks along the way exciting young teams, from scene to scene, to discover the path to make the target gene. Vintage FIVA tools for a new event in the calendar of the World Association ADAC Youngtimer series Young it was kind of the scheduler.

2020 ADAC Youngtimer touring about everything there is to know how to interested young-timers Fans regional clubs, the ADAC organized online as know.

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