Daimler Supplier Award In 2020

13.2.2020 Stuttgart. On Wednesday evening, Daimler Group in the past financial year, ten suppliers with the Daimler Supplier Award for Outstanding Performance recognized in 2020.

In addition, an award for outstanding achievements in the field of innovation, quality and Activity Center Sindelfingen Mercedes this year, for the first time in the categories of sustainability, has been honored for inspiration and suppliers. All the awards, a partnership basis. Key suppliers and strategic partner, around 450 was installed. Daimler Awards board, was presented by representatives of the purchasing managers.


Sustainable Solutions

“Daimler will walk the path to sustainable mobility. Climate protection as an important aspect of sustainable business strategy with all business, we have an ambitious decarbonisation target area. The management board of Daimler AG and Mercedes-Benz AG Ola Kallenius, Chairman together with our suppliers, we are encouraging effective implementation,“ he said. “With the awarding of the Sustainability Award for suppliers, value-added, We stress the importance of sustainability for the entire value chain.” Kallenius presented the award in the category sustainability and supplier, Statkraft Markets GmbH and SP Brembo praised. a. CO2 reduction for contributions.

Supplier network provides a significant portion of value creation, and thus have great importance for the decarbonisation and conversion goals for electric mobility.

A new impetus for brave dreams

In need of technological and social change, new destinations and a bold vision. So, both proven and new partners Daimler, with a view to detect and more customers to use to develop ambitious start-ups, trends and innovations is based on. Inspiration inspired the first Vision Award was given to suppliers who make a significant contribution to new approaches to product development.

“VISION for the customer AVTR sustainability, technological progress and the great pioneer spirit that brings mobility experience and future plans: underscores the value of the vehicle. Our role as a leader of innovation and technology in the future will be brave, we’re just waiting for the blow, an inspiring vision of our partners in each field. The management board of Daimler AG and Mercedes-Benz AG Markus Schäfer, member, group research and Mercedes-Benz Cars Development, responsible for Supplier Quality and purchasing together, social, economic and environmental future we’re creating mobility solutions in line with our objectives,“ he said. This award was giving for the first time, the category “inspiration” for. Amaze Labs Prize was given to network and suppliers of LG Electronics, Inc.

On the way to sustainable mobility, Daimler is the first step to outdoor climate protection targets set. In the next step, the company focuses on protection of resources, and CO2 targets, in addition to pays. Here, too, the group follows a holistic approach across the entire value chain. The implementation of innovative technologies is key.

Shaping the future together

The highest quality years of innovation and partnership with suppliers, as well as the most important value driver for success, and critical. Therefore, the company was still the supplier for achievements in the categories of quality and innovation.

Highest quality premium Daimler brand promise is an important criterion for partner Deposit. Trucks Martin Daum of Daimler AG the Executive Board of the Daimler AG management board member and president, praised the award winners in the category of quality.

“The era of electric mobility, and too much of the industry as a whole began to change. To provide our customers with the highest quality products remains unchanged. Daum therefore, we promise you will be able to save this customer in the future, we continue to rely on strong partners,“ he said.

A network of suppliers in close cooperation with the innovation company, which is a very important factor. The Executive Board of Daimler AG, human resources and labor Director, Mercedes-Benz Vans Wilfried Location: Daimler Supplier Award in the Innovation category awarded member of: “Innovative technologies and sustainable business is the key to success of Daimler. Customer-focused sustainable solutions digitizing or get: our supplier network faster on the road, we are bringing innovative products and services.“

With the Daimler Group the Daimler Supplier Award once a year, which recognizes above-average performance. Suppliers on quality, innovation, sustainability, and inspiration is measured. In addition, cost-effectiveness evaluation, timely delivery and ethical.

2020 Daimler Supplier Award winners
Sustainability Category

Production material

Brembo S. p. a. a.

Our own production sustainability and CO2 reduction for comprehensive, systematic and holistic approach is perfect.

Non-Production Materials

Statkraft Markets GmbH

For a power supply for the implementation of a tailor-made 100% made of the concept of energy is provided Yesil such as wind, solar and Hydropower. The current site at any time with respect to Real Daimler, made from 100% renewable sources it provides.

Inspired Category

Production material

LG Electronics, Inc.

Both Mercedes-Benz cars and Daimler Trucks and highly advanced touch screen displays come from LG, is perfect for visual effects.

Non-Production Materials

Amaze Labs NETWORK

In the field of Informatics open source software and the establishment of new working methods on the basis of content management system implementation is provided.

Quality Category

Mercedes-Benz Cars, Procurement And Supplier Quality

CQLT SaarGummi Technologies S. A.r.l.

Excellent position, smooth starts with the necessary seals, the material Group management of industrialization.

Global supply trucks and buses

Meritor Inc.

History of North American truck market for more than a million axles, brakes and drivelines for delivery of the highest quality and a strong commitment given.

International Supply Services

APL Automotive Pruftechnik Landau GmbH

The test engines has been recognised as a business partner with core competencies. A new benchmark in the automotive industry are your dyno.

Category Innovation

Mercedes-Benz Cars, Procurement And Supplier Quality

Nippon Seiki Co., Ltd. Ltd.

Innovative and images for the new Mercedes bass is the largest development, production and seamless delivery for awarded-Benz GLE and Mercedes-Benz GLS had.

Global supply trucks and buses

AEES Inc. – PKC Group DBA

The state of art is given to the development and production of the cable strands. Supported in this Daimler Trucks, lead in the transportation sector ten electric and highly automated solutions.

International Supply Services

EPAM Systems GmbH

The program is designed for Daimler a perfect, more advanced knowledge and skills necessary to be able to digital conversion.

Daimler’s sustainable business strategy

Long-sustainability means for Daimler as a whole term value for all stakeholders: customers, employees, investors, business partners and society create. This is based on a sustainable corporate strategy Daimler. The activities of the company and the entire value-added chain within the economic, environmental and social impacts does not accept responsibility for.

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