Suunto new Mercedes Benz Formula E teams will be the official supplier and licensee team, in EQ-

13.2.2020. Sports network functions in the area of human performance Mercedes-Benz Suunto support of the team you are watching Formula E in EQ.

Starting the race in Mexico, Finland, Suunto watches are all sports Wears Prada team members

Ian James: “With Suunto Products possible for our team members, we found a partner that is required for the best performance and absolute first class.”

Patrick Dale, Suunto: “the Mercedes-Benz E in EQ Formula considers all the facts and puts a special emphasis on human performance of the team. Accordingly, 9 Suunto sports watches we are proud to support you.“

Mercedes-Benz in the third race of the season Formula E EQ Suunto team in Mexico this weekend, announce a multi-year collaboration first to welcome you to pleased. The Finnish company’s agli sports watches Used by adventurers around the world dive computers and instruments is a leader in design and innovation.

“Formula E represents the team in front of the major challenges in his first season. Mercedes-Benz E in EQ Formula Team Ian James, team principal it’s not a question for us, the team is to support each individual in the best possible way to respond properly to these pressures,“ he said. “Therefore we are very pleased with Suunto products possible for our team members, which is required for a supplier and found the absolute best class performance a world.”

Already since the beginning of the season carrying six members of team Suunto sport Watch, connected to the network. The course of this season, comprehensive benefits and a sleep study 9 Suunto sports-Tracking-features, the team always have the best performance even when you’re constantly changing the time zone.

Beyond the performance of all team members and exhausting as all-day events, as well as to view both at the same time, hours of fitness and Health serves as a tracking device. Pulse measurement function, a variety of exercise modes, Smart connectivity and GPS navigation round out the options, and the FIA Formula E Championship all the team members of important dates and fig in all venues of the routes, whether on the wrist always provide.

Suunto Business Development Patrick Dale Chief “fitness and health programs to support better data and two free practice sessions the performance of the team Qualifying, the Super Pole and the race, a race occurs with the help of our 9 models of Suunto collected to help understand the requirements,” he said.

“Suunto supports athletes and sports enthusiasts for more than 80 years. Now on a new adventure together with Mercedes-Benz in Formula One with the team, we are excited to get the e EQ. The ratio of for team members for our devices is used to measure the level of fitness and recovery. In this way, the team get the best possible performance on the day of the human race, with an advantage in a tight competition, the team can optimize the driver’s physical condition.“

Within the framework of the Partnership, a special version of suunto gps feature 9-design team, will be published in the month of March 2020 watch.

Mercedes-Benz E in EQ Formula Team Suunto

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