The Renault Group A New Sales region DACH Germany, Austria and Switzerland join forces in national companies

13.2.2020. Three national subsidiary of Renault Deutschland AG, Renault Suisse Renault Österreich GmbH, and the Joint Distribution of Tu activities in the region combines with the reputation 1.3.2020 the roof.

Three-three of the fundamental autonomy of the national societies in relevant markets of the country continue to be a target, Composite, edit, and customers to be able to the best possible care for the local trade.

The purpose of the new international organization, to coordinate procedures and processes to prevent duplication of work and more robust previously. Again elected office for placement in different areas of activities.

Uwe Kochgeschirr, Renault Deutschland AG president of the Executive Board of the New Sales region, you will be redirected to function as his way to the roof.

Olivier Renault Österreich GmbH, Deputy Country Director and director of operations rest of the roof. Gregorian Claude Renault country of operation is responsible to the Director Operations Suisse TU.

These three countries as regards the composition of existing business lines remains unchanged.

Espace maintenance, model, MATRIX VISION, photo: Renault, LED 2019

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