73 Faculty of these capabilities is looking for the third generation of the Volkswagen

14.2.2020. 73 the second generation of this 01.03.2020 Antonio de Wolfsburg training Faculty to start the program. 08.03.2020 third generation to be working for during the implementation phase. 01.09.2020 education should start.

Since March 2019, Volkswagen junior software developers junior software developer in the Faculty of 73 qualified capabilities for him. 1 is similar to the first two generations. September 100 seats and a multi-stage selection procedure. In 2019 as planned in the “digital Conversion” for his teaching at the faculty doubled in 2020 73 Volkswagen road map: This software is a contribution to the transformation into an active automobile company.

This talented Volkswagen enthusiasts the opportunity to professionalize their passion and manner of mobility of the future faculty training program and software 73.

The two-year programme, Volkswagen Group Academy provides participants with great opportunities. Giesemann is one of the first generation of graduates in the future Tim. Sure that is a very good decision taken, he said: “on the path to success in the Faculty of adaptability and team work is a major part 73.”

73 Faculty of foreign talents in a practical way as a software development company seeking for qualified and Volkswagen. Volkswagen training to protect existing terms and conditions during employees.

New Volkswagen double compensation for the analog ability students. Volkswagen Work-outs and the drip, drip refers to particular, though the exits – but you can apply any talent. Intent to successfully complete and permanent employment you get in a relationship there is a positive evaluation of competence.

More information and applications:

www.fakultat73.de or https://www.volkswagen-karriere.de/de.html

You can find more information on the wiki under the Volkswagen AG group of 73 faculty employees:


(Source: Volkswagen AG)

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