Formula E Audi 15.2.2020 in Mexico – turbulent days

16.2.2020. After winning three in a row, Audi Sport racial content in Mexico-City organization, Formula E, for in 2020 Schaeffler, Lucas di San Marco there were six spaces.

Team-mate Daniel you’re angry after a training accident at the beginning I was able to go serious, he owed the team a strong performance.

2018 Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez, Daniel no, this time celebrated his first victory in Formula E. had around 8 hours in the morning on the day of the German race, because it is a technical problem that ended the first free practice to be the following limit against the abbot at the end of a straight like it was dropped.

As a precaution, who is the abbot flew with a helicopter to make an investigation in a hospital, “this was the most severe accident of my career there,” he said.

“I’m glad the car is very safe, and I survived the day relatively unscathed. Again to get the car ready to race my team was a great performance. In the rear with almost no Training, almost a race would have been very difficult for me, but of course it was open. Now coming to Marrakech to make them fit properly.“

Lucas di San Marco, E in the race formula more spectacular in front of a crowd in a dream 15 fought. Six is the starting place for the Advanced rank. Thus, the Brazilian electric racing series remained in fifth place in the drivers standings.

Di San Marco “it was a tough race,” he said. “Even though we have achieved a good score, 100 percent I am happy. It wasn’t enough for me to come to the front in the race faster. Elimination to be a tough work, but at the same time have a strong race.“

Team boss Allan McNish, “it was a stormy day for us,” he said. “For Daniel, in a very bad way by accident and difficult qualifying session started with a very good for Lucas. But the important point is that we fought. 15 position when she became Sixteen from Lucas, keep him in the title fight. You could even start Daniel, it was a great team performance. It wasn’t an easy day for us, but now we’re focusing on the next race in Marrakech.“

Dream Team Virgin Racing Audi customer for disappointment in Mexico City E-Prix ended. Elimination, with the launch of places five and six after a strong performance the team remained pointless in the race.

Sam Bird slipped in front of the podium result, he was just on the way there was an intense battle until the end of the race. Accident and fallen through the ranks of a crime of the first Robin was also at the top level.

In addition, the Formula E. 29 (Morocco) to Marrakech in March.


1. (Jaguar), Mitch Evans
2. (DS Techeetah)Antonio Felix da Costa
3. (Nissan)Sebastian Buemi
6. Lucas di San Marco (Audi e-tron FE06)
12. (Audi e-tron FE06)Robin Friends

E 2020 Formula, Mexico City E-Prix
Race (imagine Virgin) Audi e-tron FE06 #02, Sam Bird
PHOTO: Audi Communications Motorsport / Michael Kunkel

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