Environmental bonus for hybrid increases the Opel Corsa-e is a big country and X plug-in

20.2.2020 original design. New electric and plug-in hybrid models Opel save money in the process comfortable as well as activation of local emission-free travel. Now, buying a new car, an Opel Corsa or Opel large country X-plug-in hybrid vehicles even more worth it.

Currently, the EU, the federal government’s climate summit on higher purchase premiums, Yesil gave the commission in the light. The economy BAFA (Federal agency), according to implement and control appropriate models give exactly:

4 to 6 thousand thousand euros environmental bonus for battery-electric Opel Corsa-e increases.1. 40 thousand Euro 4.500 Euro Bonus net list price; the price list and clear on this issue, hybrid-Plug-X Large for the benefit of a recipient country, funded by the government and manufacturers, you can enjoy a discount for each half of 3.750 euro.

(Photo: Automobile Opel GmbH)Opel Hybrid4 Big Country X

Euro 23.330 extremely attractive: Opel Corsa-e-drive

Opel power strong-Stronger-electric daily driving of 100 kW/136 hp kWh battery (WLTP2 according) 337 a range of 50 kilometers, such as free top features of local emissions with the sample, and the appropriate Opel Corsa-e: -. 6.000 e Corsa no longer the amount of funding the euro rise more and more attractive. Corsa-e as selection, 29.900 Euro (+VAT list price. Automatic emergency braking and Pedestrian Detection, Forward Collision Alert, lane Keeping Assist, Traffic Sign detection and intelligent cruise control and speed limiter consider the assistance of a number of advanced systems such as VAT).

Now the recipient of the bill such as the following-e-Opel Corsa provides. Manufacturer’s promotion 3,000 euros (25.126 euros) will be deducted from the net price. So 22.126 Euro. Now the VAT is added, Thus the price 26.330 Euro.

Regulated and then Export Control Bill, 3 thousand euros later, follows a successful application to the Federal Office for state subsidies. 6.000 euro for Euro for Euro 29.900 purchase cost including VAT so increasing environmental 23.330 bonus Corsa-e Selection reduces. Actual Opel Corsa e (environmental Premium Plus value added tax savings) will save buyers even 6.570 euro.

At the level of 40 thousand euros under offer powerful hybrid Opel: Big Country X-Input now

Since the month of December-in hybrid: Big Country X Plug similar savings as a potential buyer, pre-can be ordered-wheel drive full 360 Newton meters 165 kW/224 hp and delivers strong torque output of a system. The front axle that drives this great country X-combines the power of a 1.6 liter turbocharged gasoline engine and electric motor are there.

NEFZ4 1.7 1.5 CO2 fuel consumption-1.5 L/100 km, 37-35 g/km; in each case weighted, combined, provisional figures 34-31 emission g/km (:)-1.4 L/100 km, CO2 according to WLTP3. Everybody switches to pure electric, CO2-free (according WLTP2; 60-65 mph) 57 km X Hybrid with big country put back NEFZ2; according to the temporary values may be.

All-wheel-drive priced under 40 thousand euros of net new front-line limit each cut and for this reason all the time (instead of 3000€) 4,500 euros, the highest possible amount of the fund is arbitrary there. So, the new Opel 43.440 Big Country X Hybrid Euro (including UPE is available in the Business Edition can be ordered. VAT) – euro bonus reduces the cost of increasing environmental 38.512 including but attractive. VAT. The customer is the actual purchase of the new Euro cars almost 5000 records.

And at the same time Grand x country four wheel drive Hybrid4, according WLTP3 221 kW/300PS (fuel consumption) the system output is:1,4-1,3 L/100 km and CO2 emissions 32-29 g/km; CO2 according NEFZ4: 1-1,5 L/100 km, 36-34 g/km; mainly in each case, powerful buyers may be combined to save Opel. Here, the amount of funding 3.750 euro rises.

Fully equipped, including a full environmental bonus Euro X euro cost 51.165 47.059 a large country lowers the hybrid4 innovation. VAT 4,100 euros more in your wallet during the purchase of a vehicle to the customer remains.

[Full-electric vehicles with a list price below 40.000 euro net for 1].

[2] the actual range can vary and every day circumstances, several factors, in particular, personal driving style, as well as the thermal limit, as is the terrain, ambient temperature, depends on the use of air conditioning and heating.

[3] the above mentioned information, range, fuel consumption and CO2 emission values (X Opel Hybrid big country), and temporary (EU) (Regulation (EC) no 715/2007 and Regulation No test procedure has been identified as 2017/1151 wlkp. Information and picture may be differences between types of test values.

[4] the above-mentioned information on the range of values for fuel consumption and CO2 emission (Opel Big Country X Hybrid) and the determined values on the basis of the testing procedure and NEDC temporary WLKP (Regulation (EC) no 715/2007 (EU) (EU) regulation to ensure that regulation and no other vehicles are comparable to 2017/1151 2017/1151 are recalculated. Information and picture may be differences between types of test values.

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