Porsche stops production because of Corona

18.3.2020 Stuttgart. Starting next week, Porsche puts Production for the first two weeks. The speed ratio of the extent of infection by Corona sports car manufacturer and the authorities are in response to the resulting recommendations.

In addition to the primary protection of labour shortages in the global supply chain now will provide you with a more regular production currently. In parallel with this, Porsche is poised for a decline of the power demand and secure financial decisions.

The main plant in Zuffenhausen and Leipzig plants (21.3.2020 day will be closed on Saturday’s. A sub-process steps that should be done in close consultation with the Business Council.

“With these measures protect the workforce and contributes to the spread of Corona brake our company. Yet the actual results are not close. For this reason, it’s too early for predictions. Porsche AG, Oliver Blume, chairman of the board of Directors of 2020 will be a challenging year,“ he says. “We can just come together and take coherent measures of the epidemic.”

Against this background, the Porsche stops production and takes corporate and social responsibility. Time the situation is continuously evaluated.

In addition to the suspension of production, Porsche developed a series of measures such as travel services: a decision was taken to halt a “mobile worker” should be conducted by video or telephone conference meetings only and has been greatly expanded.

(Photo: Porsche AG) Porsche 911 Turbo S

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