Renault 12 model with hybrid drive brings in the market

18.3.2020. Renault electric places more emphasis on: in addition, eight pure electric vehicles with battery operation, 2022 hybrid drive hybrid or plug 12 with brand e-tech expanded their range of models.

Beginning with the Clio drivers first hybrid plug brand e-tech, Megane both capture and e-tech Plug.

Both the combustion Clio E-TECH1 of 12 vehicles available in the first series, engine drive and hybrid can be used. Efficient 1.6 1.2 kW system capacity and newly developed multi-mode transmission liter gasoline engine, two electric motors, a battery contains.

Clio hybrid technology, high efficiency, environmental terms, is characterized by excellent transient response and rapid recovery. Electric mode the car always, starts to change in terms of performance, acceleration and fuel consumption the optimum drive mode is done automatically. Thanks to the high energy recovery capacity, users the traffic load in the city, up to 80% may be pure electric rear journeys. Pure gasoline fuel consumption model, is reduced by 40 percent.

With a plugin hybrid drive Captur E-TECH: first car

The first model of the Renault Group, plug-in hybrid drive in the spring as it will be sold in 2020 can be used to capture. The technology plug-e Alliance Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi is a joint development and patent 150 merged. A particulate filter system, two electric motors and a multi-mode transmission consists of a Renault Clio with a 1.6-liter petrol engine with E-tech. Plug E-TECH Captur-ion battery with a capacity of 9.8 kWh Lithium.

Captur E-TECH put it back in city traffic, all electricity may be owing to improvement of 65 km. Speed 135 km/h (45 mph urban and interurban, an electric – only December it is possible to mix. Total capacity of 116 kW/158 HP, 300 Nm of torque. At least 40 grams per test cycle, CO2 emissions in kilometer1 wlkp . Technology with 3,2 kW power 14 amps charger power charger plug-in battery charging time charge it for 24 hours for the Captur E 3.3:30 hours, 16 amps, 3.7 kW and a responsible power.

MEgane electric range E-TECH: 65 miles

Hybrid drive minivan Renault Megane Grand Tour in the summer of 2020 TECH E-tool as a third series. This Captur as the system is two electric motors with a capacity of 9.8 kWh and lithium-ion battery combines a petrol engine with 1.6 liter efficient. Top speed in electric mode is 135 km/s with mixed city/suburban traffic, in the range of WLTP test cycle is 50 kilometers long. In city traffic, thanks to the higher energy recovery capacity, the WLTP test cycle, it is possible to obtain a distance of 65 kilometers.

Electric range, is a mix of city and long distance trips of 50 km and 135 km/h speed. Hybrid drive-tech Plug-E Megane 5-door hatchback will follow later.

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(Photo: Renault)Renault Capture

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