ADAC MX Masters Corona due for the calendar settings

24.3.2020. Against the proliferation of the corona in Germany, the ADAC MX Masters and ADAC sets the calendar.

The month of May to the end of the race as well as in cases scheduled during the first week of the summer moved in. According to the organizer, as well as in cases e msc a joint decision. V. and the ADAC, Schleswig Holstein Motocross Event take place on 25-/would be.26. July.

Furstlich Drehna a new date for the event. ADAC MX Masters race 5, with four classes is/has.6. Held in September. As well as in cases previously purchased tickets for the new date for the validity of the Lich Prince and events to keep the arena.

Due in the month of June in Baden-Württemberg the ban in June Eichwald current event will not be held until the middle of the scheduled work.

The existing route because of construction constraints and the extensive preparation made at the time of the year in the second half of the calendar may be due to the crowd, wasn’t able to find an alternative date.

Organizer MSC “iron hand” E according to a joint decision. Eichwald V is not to take part in this year’s race and ADAC, ADAC MX Masters just seven calendar events is reduced.

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