Benz & Cie with an internal combustion engine from 125 years ago: First Bus

24.3.2020 Stuttgart. Since in Mannheim in the year 2018 Mercedes-Benz Factory, built Citaro city buses with battery electric, hydrogen fuel cell electricity production beginning in 2022 is provided as a range extender version is installed.

Daimler Buses with alternative propulsion systems these CO2-neutral passenger transport has an important role in the way of a driving operation. Thus, a circle closes. Because 125 years ago, 12. In March 1895, at the same time, Mannheim, Automobile Manufacturers, Benz & Cie provides. Rheinische when the internal combustion engine gasmotorenfabrik an alternative drive on the first bus.

Of the vehicle is generated on the basis of Landauer Benz. This guy is the biggest cars, Benz & Cie is. wheel, built in 1893 Benz Victoria model and vis-à-vis the steering-the steering knuckle on the basis of four presents. There are eight seats in the Omnibus. 191 for comparison to the passenger area: the modern Mercedes-Benz Capacity articulated large-capacity bus for routes with frequent L in large cities.


World premiere in the line of traffic

The first motor omnibus omnibus Benz Neethane by the company. They ordered him to 19. December 1894 and Benz & Cie is manufactured by. and set him from the age of 18. Route 43 March 1895–Netphen–Deuz, a. Already 29. In the month of March of 1895, the company has a further bus, the Benz & Cie ordered this. 26. June 1895 delivered. A constant flywheel displacement of 2.9 liters in the back with both vehicles and is powered by a horizontal single cylinder engine. The motor-controlled automatic valve with a valve input and output (5 hp) 3.7 kW makes. Electrical ignition high-voltage-buzzer ignition is cooled with a cooling battery is used, such as evaporation.

The internal combustion engine, the first bus with a roof of mesh baggage for a contemporary description, and the words “Glory–Netphen–Deutz” and the number of seats are listed. There is also the possibility, among other things, includes the replacement of the hard rubber tire for the front wheel and rear wheels. The second tool, but along with bell, among other things, a signal is also equipped in a similar manner. Similar Benz-Landauer motor buses based on the marks & Cie at Vegesack to (.) (To Johann Janssen), as well as Nordenham is given. Other customers, Tyrol and down Bitterfeld is delivered.

Historic Landmark

Neethane by the Omnibus Company a bus with an internal combustion engine just until the winter premiere of scheduled traffic, 1895/96 takes. After that, traffic kit, among other things, winter roads due to the high demand vehicles.

Nevertheless, 12. TRANS-port of the March of 1895 the history of the people is a turning point. Because of technical change in bus transportation starting date: the omnibus horse path and the steam engine, the internal combustion engine. Today, the industry is in the midst of a technical transformation for electric traction bus once.

Ride the bus with the Mercedes-Benz Museum

Begin Mercedes-Benz buses, with a numerous amount of highly successful 125-year history with the delivery of the first Benz motor coach. To do this, from 1954 to 1964-built Mercedes-Benz, for instance, 321 H, 2019 65 includes. Premiere is her birthday.

Mercedes-Benz museum exhibitions, this is different developmental. The museum Benz original parts as motor coach in the living room for visitors Legend 1 rebuilt using authentic historical step: the invention of the automobile,1886 to 1900 pioneers. Two vehicles are taken Neethane Omnibus Company it is provided. 1979 Mercedes-Benz O 303 tour bus 5: the pioneers – safety and environment, 1960 to 1982 is one of the exhibits in the legend space. This first systematic series of experiments carried out with the glare that the bus 303, in addition to sets new standards for vehicle safety,-brake system with ABS anti in the world’s first bus came.

Six bus passengers, the Mercedes-Benz Museum and Collection Room 1: gallery shows. December 20. English miles from the beginning of the century-Daimler double-decker bus starts. -2600 all types of Benz-Mercedes expands and Century, 1930’s tour bus air and all 3500-painted colorful from 1969 1950 1112, Brazil on the tour bus until the LO air. Build generation since 2009, 1980, ‘ O 305 standard regular shuttle bus, and a Mercedes-Benz Travego, the exhibition in this room completed.

This mobile post office in Austria, the Mercedes-Benz O 10000-city and intercity bus and Coach, from the end of the 1930s a collection of Space 2 – loads a gallery of, converted, 4 rooms in the collection at the end of Mercedes-Benz O 302 Coach-contains the name of the gallery. This tool in detail in the Federal Republic of Germany corresponds to the team bus of the German national team during the World Cup 1974. Museum visitors can sit and only two vehicles, one of the exhibits.

Motor omnibus Benz, Mercedes Benz with eight chairs on the basis of the Landauer-1 automobile pioneers-Benz Museum, legend room: – invention,1900 1886. Such a vehicle 12. Neethane March 1895 Omnibus Company, Netphen UZ for scheduled service on the route Muğla delivered.

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