Fits Mazda vehicle production

24.3.2020 Leverkusen. Corona as a response to the worldwide proliferation of many countries there are measures to prevent the infection fast and to reinforce in a comprehensive way. Source and the contact block will be assembled, retail has been suspended and curtailed the activities of many companies.

Because of the resulting decline in demand for new vehicles, Mazda Motor Corporation Mazda to adjust production in various plants around the world decided to go into. The supply of spare parts in Europe and Germany, however, continues to run and the German Mazda dealer can offer the services within the framework of the legal possibilities to continue to service and repair.

In the period of 28. March 30. Days completely suspend and 2020 April 13 here in eight days to produce, only one shift, Mazda, Hofu Plant Hiroshima and Japanese production planning.

Mazda production in the second quarter of fiscal year 2020/2021 planned to reposition a portion of the first period, namely, July, August and September 2020 is planning to.

Works at Mazda de Mexico Vehicle operation in Mexico, Production, Mazda 25 facility. For ten days in March, and Auto Alliance (Thailand) Co., Ltd. A production facility in Thailand, 30. March to suspend production for a similar period of time.

Mazda Motor Corporation, some countries, Japan and China, including the Fort, sale activities will continue. Other regions, including Germany, Europe and appropriate measures to prevent the spread of the virus into account the current legal requirements to get taken. Mazda use many German vendors, customers and potential customers of digital channels for service and shop business increasingly possible contact and telephone counseling.

Mazda’s highest priority public health and safety, customers and employees. Mazda Mazda infection prevention in the Home Office to implement such operation, proper hygiene rules and distance measures in the case of Mazda dealer, and measures will continue.

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