Toyota and NTT reasons, a business and capital Alliance

24.3.2020 Cologne. Toyota Motor Corporation and Japanese telecommunications provider NTT will establish a joint business and capital alliance:

Both companies wants to accelerate and drive the development of smart cities. Supposedly smart cities is based on the needs of the residents and continue to develop.

For three years, to March 2017 Toyota and NTT closely together, connected vehicles the company initially recorded the cooperative-oriented work, expansion and intensification follows. The company to respond to changes in the field of business:

Last Sunday in the needs by diversifying the automotive industry is a fundamental change in the telecommunications sector in digital services in front of more stringent environmental and safety regulations, new competitive technologies and advanced artificial intelligence-based solutions over the Internet of Things – Cloud-is becoming increasingly important.

Autonomy, Robotics, personal mobility, smart home, or would it be: smart cities combine different technologies and to enrich people’s lives. At the beginning of this year, Toyota, Las Vegas, 2020 Higashi-Fuji plant, Toyota Motor East Japan, a draft of this site in the end: (CES) at the Consumer Electronics Show is the so-called “Weaving the city includes” is presented. All kinds of goods and services to be connected to each other, we’re here to make people’s everyday life easier. With the use of different and modern technologies of NTT Data, Smart Cities and regions supports.

In the future, offer new Toyota and NTT Japan around the world as the basis for Smart Cities “Smart City platform”. Deals with the provision and management of data and combines different systems. Thus, urban development is encouraged.

The newly formed business and capital Alliance, subject to the approval of the competent authorities 80.775.400 Toyota NTT shares, 37 per cent of the company’s total shares issued 200 billion yen, and a value representing after. The mobility of the issued shares of the group return the same value in Japanese 0.9%, which is equivalent to NTT’s shares 29.730.900 Toyota took over.

smart city-platform (source: Toyota)

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