SEAT reported record earnings for 2019

26.3.2020. The positive development of the last four years will continue, and the best financial result in the history of this enterprise has a seat in 2019.

Thus, the Spanish automaker 2020 was prepared for the problems in the best way. Seat, S. A. (294 million euros) by the year 2018, which is an increase of 17.5 percent of tax, after it posted a profit of 346 million euros.

Operating profit in %57.5 million by 223 352 (2018: EUR) EUR rose to 11.7 percent of Sales (2018: 9,991 billion euros) billion euros thanks to higher sales 11,157 increased.

Finance Carsten Isensee, S. A. president and CEO the board of directors and 2019 for the seat and the seat will be a good year, “he said. The result we have obtained the entire organization through teamwork, for the challenges ahead puts us in an ideal situation. 2019 as a result, our company long-term provides a solid foundation for the future.“

Operating cash flow 56,2%, while official reserves rose to billion euros

SEAT 2019 investment program, the company has invested the highest amount in the history of 1.259 billion euros of investment. In particular, the development of new models and electric drives was pushed forward. Compared to the previous year, the seat for investing in (2018: 1,223 billion euros) it had risen to 3 percent.

The total turnover of 705 million euros, or 6.4 percent, research and (656 million euros), which increased 7.5 percent compared to 2018 development was invested in. In Spain, TOTAL S. A. alone is more than five per cent of the seat so that research and development expenditures in this area, Spanish is what makes one of the industry’s leading loan companies.

In addition, operating cash flow 56,2% for 2018: 699 million) official reserves billion euros, equivalent to 9.8 percent of sales rose. Highest operating cash flow in companies with SEAT S. A. in Spain. This indicator highlights the strength of investment and the financial viability of the seat.

Carsten Isensee clear these figures made a show of financial strength of the seat. Company-wide expenses for production with efficient US products, at a lower cost that provides optimized. Innovation and low costs, we recorded a positive effect on the strength of our suppliers. The high profitability of the model the main goals of the series, more operating efficiency and growing share.”

Growth sales figures: move

The seat was able to exceed the record earnings result for the second time in the previous year. 574.078 tools in 2019, therefore, to 10.9 per cent compared to the previous year than was delivered. It comes to the marketing of vehicles earning higher gross positive earnings improvement.

In 2019, the average yield at a rate of 4.2 percent 15.050 Euro vehicle (14.450 Euro per vehicle in 2018:) by increased. Important drive a SUV (SEAT sold 44 per cent of the vehicle series, Arona, and the Cupra was responsible for Azteca or luxury models) are there. Made a significant contribution to the sales of the new brand: 24.662 units performance brand, the ISE is more than a year earlier.

Exports of vehicles and parts revenue by 2019, 81 (9,014 billion euros) is made. This seat is Spain’s leading exporter and the country’s total industry exports approximately three percent.

Grows on the Atlantic side of the seat

Global growth strategy, instead of looking in the direction of South America, with the goal of long term growth in the region as part of. Mexico is currently Latin America’s leading Sunday. There are more compared to 5.4 percent in the previous year 2019 vehicles sold 24.314 seat. The seat began last year, selling a vehicle in Chile, Colombia, and the expansion plan is surrendered. 2020 in the month of February, brand growth plan for the Peruvian market continues to be started.

A new record in Germany, Spain, Sunday Leader

In Germany, the automobile manufacturer sold vehicles 132.537, sent a record of 17.3 percent more compared to the previous year. In Spain, the seat leading back Sunday, 107.954 tools (plus 0.2 percent) was delivered. Third-largest Sunday, the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, the company’s sales also (plus 9.5 percent) reached a record value of sold 68.822 grew. Besides Austria, other important markets such as Switzerland, Poland, Israel, Sweden and Denmark recorded the highest volume of sales seat.

“SEAT CUPRA strategic priority”

Supra brand marketing and sales performance and CEO Wayne Griffiths, board member SEAT, deliveries, double-digit growth in the third year due to a recovery in spite of the weakness we had, “he said. Share our main goals this year is to strengthen and enhance the profitability of Sunday sales.“

Seat Cupra Griffiths a strategic priority. A wider range of emotional and Cupra models in the long term to achieve higher gross profit, with a turnover of one billion euros want. The company’s performance brand is to play an important role in the increase of profit margin.”

Martorell in Spain, the leading automobile factory

(2018: 528.293 vehicle) car seats 592.019 by 12.1 percent in 2019 in the growth of vehicle production. SEAT Martorell 2019 (Portugal) (Spain) (Germany) Mladá Boleslav and Kvasiny (Czech Republic), Wolfsburg and Zwickau, Silva, as well as like Bratislava (Slovakia) has produced vehicle.

2019 since 2000 in seat Martorell factory special tools. A total of 500.005 cars left the factory stops production in spite of a supplier by a fire is triggered. Thus, the SEAT plant in Martorell, %5.4 (474.300 vehicle) the car industry and the results exceeded Europe’s second-largest by 2018, with Spain, further strengthened its leading position in the country.

Martorell 2,300 million vehicles produced per day by 2019

The Martorell factory this year, more than 90 percent capacity utilization with approximately 2,300 vehicles per day decided. By 2020 the plant, Seat Leon, Seat Leon Cupra and the Cupra will begin production in Puerto de Pollensa. Personalized vehicles with electro drive Seat Leon for the first time in the range will be manufactured.

Zero environmental strategy called “motion”

SEAT as part of efforts to tackle climate change and reduce CO2 emissions, there is, has invested 27 million euros in Sant Just Desvern sustainable initiatives. The seat as well as other measures, which aims to reduce CO2 emissions throughout the entire life cycle of the product “the zero Stone” is working on an ambitious environmental strategy that is named. 2030 the basic objective of achieving climate-neutral CO2 balance is considered to be.

Those with a permanent contract of approximately 15 thousand working – 98% of

31. SEAT 14.663 December 2019 fraud employees, the labor. Thus, the company, is one of Spain’s largest employers. The workers, 98% have a permanent job. SEAT thanks for the extraordinary annual financial statements, 1.550 euro 250 euro will pay a dividend of more collective bargaining. This fee is high, the seat will never be paid, and the decisive contribution of the labour force this year-pays tribute to the conclusion.

2020 will be a year of challenges

The most major change in the history of the automotive industry at the summit. The whole sector will take over the next few years are very important and that there will be big changes. Corona Electric Vehicles which triggered serious effects on emissions, the change in mobility, reducing the negative macroeconomic situation, such as the fight against climate change, among the challenges of development. The virus can also be the work force you have to send the seat part of the short study.

Carsten Isensee “in 2020, our job is very difficult and we will work with different kinds of challenges,” he said. In 2020 the seat as to prevent a crisis in the present time of economic weakness and the effects of external influences such as Corona reliable perspective of the world economy and development. Against this background, the implementation of measures to ensure the liquidity of the seat is of the highest importance that as long as this crisis lasts. Timely initiation of Normal production and sales processes, our focal point is, it is over once it happens.”

Strategic decisions in large projects

Large projects must be years 2019 strategic decisions for the challenges they face as a seat. In the background above the revised brand, Volkswagen Group entering Chinese market on the basis of sales and production strategy against the seat and delayed. The seat JAC, Volkswagen ownership is not a member in the structure. Cooperation with the seat, however, in the areas of design and research and development will continue. Volkswagen is approximately 4 feet the total length of the vehicle (Ministry of National Education) modular e-Builder, the development of it. The seat to join the other group will be active in the development of brands together.

For example, in markets such as Algeria England or, in certain circumstances, hamper the activities in these countries. For example, car manufacturers Algeria and other middle seats-2019, manufacturing, you have to set the decisions of public authorities. Hours and it is affiliated to Algeria and the entire region, the Volkswagen Group currently explores the possible approaches and in accordance with the requirements for local operation.

Urban mobility and electrification

Seat CUPRA, electric and plug – in hybrid drive of the Seat Mii range on Sunday and already electrically powered vehicles with electricity and extend the current five models this next year will bring.

By 2020, the company is also offering an electric scooter, company, and e-kick scooter-urban mobility commitment and will be the first time the 70-year history. 2019 x kick scooter has sold 11,000 units already poor seat. These tools can change the issues around the auto industry and announced to the rush SEAT product was prepared.

Seat Casa (Foto: SEAT)

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