1.4.2020 – fuel prices continue to fall

1.4.2020. Of gasoline in Germany as of 2016 in the month of August was the lowest monthly average yesterday. ADAC monthly market analysis, 1,283 less euro and more in the month of February at a cost of 10 cents a litre of Super E10 the federal funds. 1,154 8.5 Euro cents per litre the price of diesel fell.

2 liter super E10 most expensive with an average of 237 million euros. In the month of March, the diesel reached the moon at 5 million euro with 1,207 at the summit. March. At least 31 drivers of the month: at the end, had to pay. 1,115 1,217 million euros a liter a liter of Super E10 and diesel at a cost of euros from March. The most expensive day of the current year, compared with 1. With super E10 or 7 Euro 1,439 January. January 1,336 Euros in the case of diesel, this means a difference in price of approximately 22 cents.

The previous week, compared with the average of 1.7 cents per liter super E10 euro 1,217 0.9% litre diesel reduced from euro fell to 1,115.

The fuel market is still Corona-sign in to the crisis. The global economic recession and declining demand for oil and the fear of large supply in the world market, crude oil prices continue to fall. Less than a week ago, which is still four dollars a barrel of Brent is now only $ 23. Finally in 2002 of crude oil, very cheap.

Given the low prices, there is scope for further weakness in fuel prices. If crude oil prices due to energy taxes and fuel prices only in effect for other components came even as consumers in the oil market is still on the relaxation is complete. That would be only the forces of competitive pressure in the fuel market.

Suggests drivers in the ADAC fuel prices to compare. Sometimes considerable price differences between the time of tank and with daily use, saves a lot of money, and at the same time, it strengthens competition between providers. So, usually the cheapest between 18 and 22 hours to refuel after a valid assessment of the ADAC. A smart phone application to help simple and fast “is offering ADAC fuel prices. Also detailed information about the fuel market and current prices www.adac.de/tanken there are.

Fuel prices in the month of March in 2020 (source: ADAC e. V.)

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