Abt Audi RS7-R (2020): Jumps to Motor vehicles, from Kempten

At the end of the Year 2019 appeared with the Audi RS 7 Sportback is a true High Performance Car. Still not enough Performance for the Risers Abbot of Kempten im Allgäu. There had been already a few Weeks, the RS 7 to 700 HP pumped. Now, it still creates a Shovel on it and made a gift of fast, a Hatchback is still a R.

That the RS 7 is the owner, which may, exclusively from Abt Sportsline to an Abbot RS7-R sublimate. The Model is, however, the Number of 125 Pieces limited. At the heart of the RS7-R-Package is the Performance Upgrade of the Abbot Power R”, which is the Power of the basic Version of 600 HP (441 kW) and 800 Nm of Torque now on a huge 740 HP (544 kW) and 920 Nm increases, including a two-Year Warranty in the Scope of the manufacturer’s Warranty.

Other Highlights of the Abbot: Audi RS 4 Avant (2020), by the Abbot to get even more Power and Aero VW Golf 8 gets 20 Inches of the Abbot: Too much or just right?

For the extra Power of the 4.0-Litre V8 Biturbo Petrol for the better on the Road, to offer the Allgäu, on the RS7-R coordinated the Abbot-Suspension composed of Gewindefahrwerksfedern and Sportstabilisatoren.

Of course, it implies the RS7-R-Package visual highlights. These come mainly in a carbon visuals, so. Thus, a Frontgrillaufsatz and Frontlippenaufsatz with stilsicherem red RS7-R-Logo for a concise occurs. The type of the Elements of the brief in the Form of a rear Spoiler and Heckschürzenaufsatz not to be missed. In the Package includes 22-Inch Wheels of the Model of “father of High-Performance HR”. Also included are a large number of Changes in the passenger compartment, for example, the type of Lenkradveredelung, which in Carbon and Leather combination and the Sitzveredelung with RS7-R-Logo.

Cheap is the Fun, but not really: 69.900 € for the RS7-R-Package, at least that one corresponding to Audi that preceded it. A Komplettfahrzeug costs from 210.300 Euros. The Emphasis is on “from”, as most of additional features such as an advanced Interieurpaket or you can also available Felgenmodell “Abbot HR Aero” in 22 Inches are found in the Abbot Configurator.

Formula-E-Riders Daniel Abt has this Version of the new ABBOT RS7-R is very impressed. The Kempten, but in addition to its own Version of the already limited Sondermodells imagine. The Single-piece with the Name ALLTHEWAYABT RS7-R is distinguished by a special Design with many orange Details. They are in the Komplettfolierung, the painted brake Calipers and 22-Inch Wheels of the Model “High Performance HR” again. The Interior is adorned with a “Handcrafted for BECAUSE”Engraved on the center Console.

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