Future time seat positions in the ADAC examined the risk of injury

19.5.2020. Today, new possibilities for negotiating the car of the future is already different. The drive is not permanently perform the task it is assumed that you can devote to driving and other activities.

Seat belts, airbags and seat position provide for a future completely new concepts now need to be developed to the ADAC, however, that shows.

Passengers in the rear seat of the car and reading the newspaper in the face or the face to be able to chat with, eventually it will become a reality. But today, the traditional seat belts for passengers sitting transfers to the direction of travel?

If a lying position is sufficient for the passenger air bag can protect the back and bring it in? Euro NCAP ADAC crash investigated transport and varying the position of the seat eighteen. Conclusion: in the car today, tomorrow is a new positions for an accident, dangerous occurrence are.

All vehicle structure or a seat belt designed on the front and the passengers sit upright and is directed to today’s cars, such as airbags. Her tests, ADAC different positions examined. (+/-15°) has strong negative effects a slight rotation on the security. If you want to do in the future, but a car NAP in a reclining position in the event of an accident, serious and even fatal injuries can wear.

This is the greater the risk, take the loss, so you’ll be staying is called slip (), slip the Belt and the spine is very compressed, under type.

In addition to sled tests, according to Euro NCAP, the crash structure of the vehicle was conducted to investigate how these affect the risk of injury with futuristic seating position. This tool can seriously injury the values of the net difference it is compared to the same type of an accident with an upright seating position.

Today, 3-point belt rear-facing sled tests to show that it would be enough to build the position. The dummy in the seat, but rose again on the couch like a ramp.

In addition, the back of the seat already 30 km/s speed of the vehicle in an accident passengers hit the ceiling and broke through, this effect is further increased. Also the driver side seating position, ip, or neck injury can cause problems with cross strap on if it falls.

Today’s seating positions are changed it is not suitable for railing systems the future of automated driving result. Airbags, seat belts and new concepts should be developed for the seats, the passengers and they must adapt to changes in the positions of the operations of the movement. Also (a, b) the pole structure of the vehicle, dashboard, etc.thus, the passengers must thereby be designed to prevent a collision.

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