Austria eases Travel rules

(ADAC and Travel Media GmbH) 22.5.2020. Of German drivers on Monday, 15 will be allowed. June, re-enter Austria for a business trip to tourists.

So, again gained the freedom to travel, there are no bad side effects, you must not forget to buy a valid Vignette. My dog Picker” or “Vignette as it was in my wife’s purse “excuses” just seven will benefit.

In 2019, a total vignette of sinners caught 220.325 – 36 per cent, i.e. around 79,000 of the vehicles came from Germany. In 2018, 42 per cent was still. Do I put in the amount of 300 euros 120 euros because of the fines and penalties will be steep.

Top ten excuses:

In Austria the obligation to purchase a vignette, I didn’t know anything

Where you can buy a vignette, I didn’t know.

Sketch a spare front glass was broken I didn’t know

Sat nav directed me onto the highway

Bulky, glass, 10-day Vignette instead of

I have to go to the hospital

I found no sales

I haven’t Vignette sales center

I haven’t seen vignette mandatory signs

This is not my car

Drivers must receive a sketch. The price of the car 91,10 Euro vignette year, two months, 27.40, and a 10-day sticker costs 9,40 euro. 36,20 euros for two motorcyclists to pay for month 5.40 annual vignette-Vignette 13,70 Euro and a 10-day Vignette €. Often travel to Austria, as a rule, Those a one-year vignette buy. August drivers now this is very valuable. This bridge of August until the end of November two-month-skit could be.

0 directly in the rankings at # 12, the single vignette that I made a mistake while entering digits, he was able to an excuse for a digital. Classic “sticky label in the case of the digital Alternative” to know that it is only 18. Are valid for days after you purchase online. Therefore, it’s not for the holidays. Customers in Europe have the right to order online, and cause you to withdraw from the purchase within two weeks. This time three mail delivery days is expected. Therefore, the digital Vignette only have 18 days after purchase.

“Stick” who wouldn’t wait 18 days and still, and immediately the current a single term vignette Vignette omitted because the digital al direct legal when you buy a lock, you can do it in an ADAC office.

Product range

Austrian film available (Monday-Saturday 8 to 20 hours) 0 800 5 10 11 12 ADAC all business on the internet, as well as on the phone and there are.
Some road sections in Austria, paid in addition a special fee, regardless of the skit. For Brenner, this towards the South, Tauren and the Pyhrn Autobahn, Arlberg tunnel and when the tunnel Karawan (), which may be crossing without stopping beforehand what sales there are digital Tickets.

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