In China, Volkswagen Jetta , brand new, first-time buyers is gaining more and more popularity

22.5.2020. In the month of April, the Jetta 13.500 vehicles were delivered to customers. This corresponds to a Sunday, around per cent of the world’s largest automotive market share.

This is one of the stages of the new Jetta automotive brands in China has achieved the best start. From January to April brand about 38,000 units sold.

This is a special tool covid in China of the 19th epidemic, because of the increased desire. Many people want to steer clear of public transport and sharing the risk of infection Presented. JETTA buyers in the world of individual mobility opportunity to enter, and to be a part of the Volkswagen family. For the model range, a sedan and two SUVs there are.

For the month of September of the year of 2019 has been marketed since the Jetta in the brand’s vehicles have been delivered to customers in about 81.000. Sales in the first year, the Volkswagen Group will help to increase the brand share in China Sunday.

Despite the contraction in the Chinese automotive market covid this, the Jetta 19-outbreak, December, September 2019, as measured by sales figures, sales in the first four months of the year have only a 12 percent decrease. Sunday January 2020 fell by more than 30 percent of the total between the dates of April if the brand gained share Jetta on Sunday.

Vehicle density in China is three times lower than in Germany – accordingly, there are opportunities for growth. A third of the total market as a stand-alone entry-level segment. 80 percent of all customers in this segment the Jetta first time buyers are the main target of. Customers live, especially in developing cities.

(PHOTO: Volkswagen AG)JETTA

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