The Audi environmental program “our Mission:Zero launches”

22.5.2020. The United Nations General biodiversity the extinction of species and to develop measures to control it “as the current decade, the UN Decade” was declared. Audi make a contribution, and all projects relevant for biodiversity.

In good company Initiative biodiversity as a member of the company’s environmental program is committed to the protection of Biological Diversity and Zero Mission includes all of relief activities.

The Audi Environmental Program Mission:Zero four action areas: Decarbonisation on the one hand, sustainable production, biodiversity, efficient water use, resource efficiency, as well as with a clear focus on the protection. The company’s action in every field of neutral, environmentally friendly and combines a number of measures with the aim of CO2 production. Naturally the Biodiversity Action field for the lighthouse project-designed open spaces Munchsmunster the Audi plant.

Complex is close to Ingolstadt, offers a particularly valuable habitat for numerous animal and plant species makes ecological design targeted. 17 acres of natural habitat for animals and plants at the production site of Audi Munchsmunster are converted. So far, more than 110 plant species, 90 types of wasps settled and developed.

2019 munchsmunster project to a successful mode, the state “award. Bluehustler Bavaria, the Bavarian State Ministry for Environment and Consumer Protection, part of the companies to revive the soil, flowers and insect-friendly, I want to make. For this award, it must meet strict criteria to promote the company’s facilities in flora and fauna: in this way, 20 percent of the free surface of nature, at least blutberberitz must be near.

Cannot be used on surfaces that contain chemical herbicides and pesticides and peat. This kind of scale for similar efforts throughout the world other Audi projects. This site Ingolstadt, Brussels, 100 thousand trees, (Hungary) Gyor to the site in Neuburg modules of the site this sand piles, insect hotels, a wetland and typical Steppe afforestation in the area of Pannonia and the nearest site with deadwood (Mexico) and San José Chiapa plant in Neckarsulm generation at the site around Yesil, Yesil roof and façade Greening on the site Bruhwiler bee colonies in the area.

Munchsmunster project biodiversity 2015, beige joined the company, in good company ‘s attempt to’ biological diversity within the scope of the center is a project of Audi and. The companies in the various sectors of the venture, collectively, the global conservation and sustainable use of Biological Diversity have joined forces to keep occupied.

Environmental Protection Rüdiger Recknagel source, the bass “by 2020, good company ‘Initiative’ Biodiversity for the five-year membership to celebrate and we take seriously the protection of our site with projects we want to show,” he says. “Near there is a successful example for the sustainable management of natural areas: ecologically, Yesil surfaces standard with a high maintenance effort, more maintenance and more cost-effective, they are particularly valuable and often used. In addition, special breaks for employees, top quality and relaxation, you will learn.“

In addition, for Biodiversity Conservation beyond the boundaries of the company Audi. Already in 2008, Oak Forest Research Project was launched in and around the forest near Ingolstadt 36.000 poschinger English Oaks. Meanwhile, the project Ingolstadt, Neckarsulm, Győr, Brussels and San José Chiapa, Audi contains more than 100 thousand trees in various areas around the sites.

Created in 2009, the Audi foundation for the environment of this project, long-term scientific monitoring took over. Under the guidance of the chair of forest Yield Science Technical University of Munich, among other things, stand density, biodiversity and the interaction between CO2 sequestration potential will be examined. Oak Forest Project many environmental projects, the Audi Foundation for the environment, aiming at the protection of Biological Diversity is one of the.

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