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22.5.2020. Now, you can count on Hyundai to its customers with the advantages of buying 10 thousand euros.

Action under the motto “Be Happy. Hyundai loading Hyundai Germany“ bias State is currently discussing bonuses and sales bonus.

The month of June until the end of the period of the action, the parsing models 3,8 5,3 kent; g/km extra with the city 4.2 to 4.5; CO2 emissions combined: L/100 km 97, of Kailua-Kona, Tucson and Santa Fe (fuel consumption: urban 7,5-7,0; out-of-town 5,6) L/100 km (i30, Ioniq Hybrid (fuel consumption)–; 5,7-6,0 together; g CO2/km combined emission of 165-158 depending on the model: all participating Hyundai stock traders in stock immediately available between 3,500 to 10,000 euros discount when buying a new car. This offer, under the circumstances, state subsidies, which are decided at the beginning of June, regardless of applies.

In particular, 4 thousand euros Ioniq Hybrid and Hyundai i20, i30 family models and L/100 km (urban fuel 4.0; 4,3; CO2-g/km emissions combined: 99, price combined the advantages out-of-town: 4,5;: consumption of 5 thousand euros:) Kona Hybrid. Buy a gasoline or a diesel engine with Kona, receives a discount of up to 3,500 euros. Popular Hyundai Tucson, premium varies depending on equipment. The award particularly attractive Tucson N Line, can be up to 6.500 Euro. Only 10 thousand euros, when buying a Hyundai Santa Fe shaking, at the top of this offer you will be.

(Photo: Hyundai)Hyundai Electric Kona

From commercial power

Exhibition and sales rooms as a measure to prevent the closure of coronavirus in the middle-since March, Hyundai Motor, Hyundai supported the customer in the contractual partners, the premier online showroom, for example, liquidity measures, or advised. Prospects and customers come back and now Hyundai dealers in compliance with required protection measures in the face, can be applied to increase sales.

“Together, we did managed to last for a few weeks very tough. Now it is time to accept the new normal and look to the future together. To wait for government measures, but to act and our customers to get the premium possible uncertainty about the status of we haven’t made a conscious decision to purchase.“
Jürgen Keller
General Manager Of Hyundai Motor Germany

Remarkable Webemaßnahmen

“The government’s decision, regardless of Hyundai’s models that can be used immediately and already decided…” 10.000 euro bonus purchase proposals, be happy “campaign in the framework of spot radio advertising is an excerpt from the current Hyundai. Download Hyundai“. This is a national publication by the end of the month of May. About digital campaign during the promotional period will continue until the end of June.

In addition, it offers the main newsletter-subscriber communicates and displayed. Also, the dealer will accompany the action with regional promotional measures.
The bonus remains for electric models advanced environmental

Buyers of these models Kona Ioniq and electrical, advanced electric-a total of over 8000 Euros bonus, a grant of 3000 euros Economic BAFA (Federal Circle) and export control of Hyundai Motor Germany for a while about 5.000 euro you can look more eco. This premium remains the same.

Easily Kona electric eco-friendly authorized Hyundai dealer for this model of the European Economic Area or Switzerland when you buy the car decision and Ioniq, electricity – no mileage limit in the market with a unique eight-year vehicle warranty.

Fuel consumption and emission figures

132-117 C.; CO2 efficiency Class: G e/4,6 km; combined 5.8–5.1; CO2 emissions combined for Hyundai Santa Fe gls L/100 km fuel consumption urban 7,1–6,2; out-of-town Practice Hours:–:–

7,9 3,9–4,4; out-of-town 5,2; Hyundai i30 for urban L/100 km fuel consumption 6.2-4,1 unifies; g/km CO2 emissions 143-107 A.; CO2 efficiency Class: D combined:–

7,9 3,9–4,4; out-of-town 5,2; Hyundai i30 estate urban L/100 km fuel consumption 6.2-4,1 unifies; g/km CO2 emissions 143-107 A.; CO2 efficiency Class: D combined:–

4.3 4.6 to 7.2 L/100 km for the Hyundai i30 Fastback consumption: urban fuel; extra-urban 5.1–4,1; 5,9 combined; CO2 g/km emissions combined: 134-113; CO2 efficiency Class: C–A.

G/km for hybrid Hyundai Ioniq L/100 km fuel consumption: urban 3,8; extra-urban 4,5; 4.2 combined; CO2 emissions 97; CO2 efficiency Class: A+combined.

-3,9; combined 7.1–4,3; CO2-g/km emissions: 160-114; CO2 efficiency class: the Hyundai Kona for L/km fuel consumption: urban 8,4–4,8-extra urban 6,2

Kona Hyundai 4,5 4,3 combined Mixed L/100 km fuel consumption: 4,0 urban; city:;:; g of CO2/km emissions combined: 99; CO2 efficiency Class: A+.

180-117 A.; CO2 efficiency Class: D g/4,2 km; combined: 7,8–4,4; CO2 emissions combined for Hyundai Tucson L/km fuel consumption: 9.7 4.5 located between the town town of: 6,7–:–

Fuel consumption L/100 km Hyundai Santa Fe: urban 7,5–7,0; out-of-town 5,6–5,3; combined: 5,7–6,0; CO2 emissions: g/km combined: 165-158; CO2 efficiency Class: b

Projected fuel consumption and CO2 emissions NEDC WLKP measuring the appropriate method specified, and the converted values was determined.

Kona Electric for Hyundai 602: 30 program I. for combined kWh/100 km power consumption, g/km 0 CO2 emissions; CO2 efficiency Class: A+combined.

G/km the Hyundai Ioniq, Electric combined kWh/100 km power consumption: 13,8; 0 CO2 emissions; CO2 efficiency Class: A+combined.

In accordance with the values specified wlkp projected fuel consumption and CO2 emission-measurement method were determined.

Hyundai Ioniq Plug-In Hybrid (photo): a Hyundai

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