As the rose can be a Jeep Wrangler be? Tuner’s Chelsea Truck Co built “mum car”

Afzal Khan, with his Noble Tuningschmiede Khan, the particular Design of the united kingdom a fairly large Number. It is scary it is also very obscure Stories like the Flying Huntsman, a triple-axle Land Rover Defender Pick-up, not back. Now, it is one of the Leidensfähigkeit hartgesottener Jeep Fans of the gravity of the Sample with this very, very pink Wrangler Chelsea Truck Co Black Hawk Expedition.

Chelsea Truck Co is a Khan Girl on the Krassermachen Suv specialist. His latest Creation, called the Tuner as a “mom car” (Mom’s Car), the ideal should be “as modischstes Elterntaxi of all Time, for Expeditions or for the stylish Car of the Business Meeting”. Uh … well.

And this is what happens to normal, Wrangler Jeep Wrangler V8 could go into Production Jeep Wrangler 2.0 T-GDI (2019): Finally, a Gasoline engine for the JL

The most striking Feature of this 2014er Wrangler is sure to mattpinke 3D Military, the Varnish, the pure Land Professional appearance, such as a höhergelegten Part of the Farewell.

The Body Kit includes a Carbon Barbecue (with only four instead of seven Suction) with 3D-Mesh-Grid, wrinkled Kotflügelaufsätze integrated, Entries, a new shock front built-in “Tron Ring Lighting, as well as a so-called Iron Man-Hood with air intakes. To do this, come in and electrical, walking-Feet.

The Mom Wrangler is höhergelegt and sitting on 9×20-Inch great Khan Rims with 275/55 Cooper Tyres. The 3.6-Litre V6 in this Car develops 280 HORSEPOWER and breathes through a new Vierrohr-steel Exhaust system.

Inside, the new Bucket seats, the rear Seats, the Door Armrests and the central Armrest with padded and perforated Leather. Another novelty: the aluminum pedals, floor Mats with special Stainless steel and the door Sills. Best of all, but The Khan-online Shop, You can even have the color hooded sweater progress. It is so beautiful, so everything matches.

You should now be immortal in the Pig-Wrangler in love, then You’re in Luck, because the Car is for Sale. 48.499 Pounds, or about 53.700€, the Manufacturer of six-Year-old Wrangler with 15 000 Miles on the Clock.

You should own Color and Ausstattungsideen bring You Chelsea Truck Co, the adequate material for the equivalent of 41 000 Euros (more Wrangler) to build.

Image Gallery: Kahn Design Jeep Wrangler “Pink Mum Because Black Hawk Edition”

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Source: Kahn Automobiles


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