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29.7.2020 Munich. Three of the nine race weekends in Belgium: in Belgium, for BMW Team RBM, DTM-season play will be in 2020. Start your weekend Spa-Francorchamps (BEL), a race track, with team boss Bart mampaey special memories. For this purpose, in the month of October last year, the team (BEL) Zolder, comes with three drivers double-header successfully.

In the interview, talking Mampaey, among other things, by 2020 the DTM calendar in Belgium, the family’s long connection and his team for decades, the three major event of the season with Spa-Francorchamps, of course, the BMW M4 DTM great local tradition, as a first impression, the expectations of the Ancients, and with the rest.


Nine DTM event of the season a beard in 2020, three will be held in Belgium. What does this mean for you?

Of course Bart Mampaey is a nice bonus for our team. First of all, ITR, DTM’s possible we did Travel in this year’s race should be congratulated. And roads that we need the special requirements, except for having a calendar was also as compact as possible is equally important. Long journeys should be avoided and therefore not held away from the team race away means compact. In this context, three events in Belgium for a Belgian team like ours is perfect for. Additionally, the spa and Zolder DTM is one of the world’s best race tracks for the cars in the last year has been a great course. Good to have you on the calendar.“

Spa Francorchamps in the opening round of the season-especially the venue, is a special place for your family and your team. BMW Team RBM what is the importance of the spa for what?

Mampaey: “the race teams and a very important place in the history of the spa family, my family used to be Juma and his race team. Old-time 24 hours of racing with great memories. 3 and 5 races with second place, always with BMW, and it’s always the best way-many successful BMW placed there in 1977, where we’re going, and. This was the first part of our history. Then maybe of RBM, the team that came up another overall victory in 1998 from 1997 that began with the biggest victory in Group N. this race was a double victory. Additionally, the spa FIA ETCC FIA WTCC and of course the calendar has been a part of, and between 2002 and 2010, with Andy Priaulx we have been successful there. Spa actually for the team, the team is a very special place for our family and for history.“

BMW M4 DTM now there at the beginning, you’ll go with. Already on the day of the test was completed. The insights gained what?

Mampaey: “first of all, it has been nine years since last on the way there. The BMW Z4 GT3 has been tested with 2011. It was great, now nine years later, to return. In the morning the track was still wet, but as it is possible to Slicks mounted, I went down to Eau Rouge, and with the hazards, I took a few videos of the car with full throttle – in the third round I think. It was very spectacular. Downforce and high-current performance of a DTM car in this way is simple and great. Also still three, four scenes I did the fast track route in the car, was. And that I got the day shift with that many miles, it was a successful test. We’re looking forward to it. Probably it’s not that easy. In addition, the unified driver for Migration, drum and bass will have a big impact. Therefore, it was important for me to be the best way to prepare for the test. And from the emotional point of view, it’s always nice to return there. Memories, the man his childhood days, and now has been a DTM car.“

What you think: What Spa, DTM-one of the biggest challenges will be for cars?

Mampaey: “the car has been seen since we did the test about how a monster does it make is very difficult and there are great Pressure, as the tire pretty fast. This piece of weekend there waiting for us and we need to find the right balance for the conditions. And of course the driving wind shadow, and drums, and thus that they can optimize spend in the car in the qualifying race and type for use with push is a struggle. During the test what have we learned? also the race distance tyre degradation is a problem, and we are pretty sure that we want to put our focus will be.“

In the calendar there’s other Belgian Zolder lesson. Last year, this great tradition rich race track and it was a memorable weekend for the DTM returned to you.

Mampaey: “Yes, last year, the second round of the season was held. Saturday day we celebrated our first victory with Philipp Eng. Joel Eriksson was second, while double was a victory. Sunday day, Sheldon van der Linde and another strong result with Philipp we brought the pole position took a place on the podium. It was a good weekend for us really. Wait any longer and we’ll see this year how it happened. Whatever we are later in the season, have two games in the month of October. Very different conditions, the championship already in the final phase then. We want to see where we are now, and hopefully we can be as successful as last year.“

1247 event is actually three in Belgium, in the logistic, power, etc in the surroundings of the headquarters of the team. for a little easier?

Mampaey: “like the calendar, I already have a big problem. So if you travel a lot, mechanic, engineer, and if not for trucks therefore, it is better. This will help us and also have the Lausitzring and Zolder in N double-header will be. But this season is quite unusual and it will be quite a logistics challenge. By far one of the most challenging seasons for the team and team members I’m assuming. Long I didn’t know exactly when it started, and now there are nine race weekends over a period of three months. This is very difficult. Hopefully one or more of the drivers on the podium always available to do the time in Belgium, the positive will be travelling with a tail wind, the car and the best possible preparation for the next race, will travel.“

What are the team goals for the season, what?

Mampaey: “the championship, simple as that we want to win. In other words, the finale in Hockenheim, three drivers a chance to fight for the title we will give you a maximum of. That is our goal.“

Lausitzring (GER) April 15, 2019. BMW M Motorsport, DTM, ITR Test, Bart Mampaey (BEL), team principal of BMW Team RBM

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