Nissan financial results for the first quarter of the fiscal year 2020

29.7.2020 Yokohama, Japan. Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. presented financial results for the first quarter last on 31. 2020 2021 fiscal year ending in March will be posted.

April 2020-in the three months to June, global automobile COVID-19 almost half of mobile sales during the outbreak had a direct impact on what Nissan’s sales fell. To stop the further spread of the virus, the times, the production company put all Nissan plants in the world. Meanwhile, the process again, but only works with low capacity utilization due to lower demand. Proceed once this measure will be accompanied by the company.

Nissan (down 1.3 billion Euro) corresponds to a return on sales of 13.1 percent and minus 153,9 billion yen 9.9 billion euros), to 1.18 trillion yen of net income, minus operating result achieved. Net loss (-2,41 billion euros) 285,6 billion yen.

31 first quarter results. (TSE according to the report, China capital of the JV) 2020 2021 fiscal year ending March (1)

In the first quarter of fiscal year 2019
(April – June 2019)

First quarter fiscal year 2020
(April – June, 2021)

The change compared. Of the year

Net sales
2,37 Trillion Yen

(19,98 Billion Euros)
1,17 Trillion Yen

(16 Billion Euros)
Most – 50.5%

Operating profit
1.6 Billion Yen

(For 13.49 Million Euros)
-153,9 Billion Yen

(Vs -1.3% Billion Euro)

Return on sales
This – %13.1

Profit from normal business activities
35. 3 Billion Yen

(297,64 Million Euros)
-232,3 Billion Yen

(-1,96 Billion Euros)

6.4 Billion Yen

(53,96 Million Euros)
-285,6 Billion Yen

(-2,41 Billion Euros)

(118,6 average exchange rate Yen/Euro based on )

Management-account proportionate consolidation of the results of Nissan’s joint venture in China, the area pro-forma As Nissan (-1,15 billion euro) to 136 billion yen, and (-2,41 billion euros) 285,6 billion yen net income minus the operating result posted. The return on sales amounted to minus 10.3 percent.

In the first quarter of the fiscal year, net liquidity (1.98 billion euros) in 235,2 billion yen in the automotive industry and so was below the level of the end of the month of March. (1 billion Euro) as a response to 182.4 billion yen in the amount of COVID-19-outbreak, Nissan, safe in the months of June and July, however, additional funds. In addition, Nissan corporate bonds (590,22 million Euro) 70 billion yen, and was more than a trillion yen 1.2 billion in cash and stock, 10: 12 am (EUR), amounting to persecution. The company said the line of credit remained unused.

Sales development worldwide

The global automotive industry, April, and June were recorded in the year 2020, 44.5 million vehicles 12,49% reduction. This trend also decreased by 7.2 percent and Nissan sales figures, 643.000 tools, an increase of 5.2 percent, the share decreased 0.1 points Sunday was not immune.

In Japan, the home market, with car sales in the first quarter of the fiscal year 7 per cent level dropped to 84,000. However, Sunday’s share rose in the same period, especially in the month of March began, and combined-similar to the kei-Car Nissan Roox for more than ten percent was responsible for that. Along with June, presented by Nissan Kicks of the company’s market position is expected in the further course of this year may not continue.

The record numbers to be reported on a calendar on an annual basis, China, showing a decline of 31.7 percent in January to a total of 207.000 vehicles, March-Nissan sold. At the same time, the share increased by 0.5 percentage points Sunday and 6.2 percent. Following three months, April-June Nissan also registered a slight recovery in the market, sales rose by four percent compared to the same period.

Also, the United States was 49.5 percent drop 177.000 tools. In the coming months, the new Rogue in the fall look of the rooms is basic and revised models, however, for a revival.

For the fiscal year outlook to 2020

For the full fiscal year, 31. 2021 ends in March, Nissan in vehicle sales is expected to decline. Shrank a global 72,04 Sunday million units, the company’s million-4,13-related vehicles is estimated at 16.3 percent, while 16 percent sales decline. Share globally with 5.7 percent over the previous year’s level Sunday.

In this context, Nissan’s fiscal year, the following estimate for the Tokyo Stock Exchange opened. Based on the equity method for joint venture in China, Nissan in fiscal year 2020 expects the following financial results:

(1)the TSE according to the report, Nissan’s forecast for the year 2020 – China JV Capital

Net sales
7.8 Trillion Yen
(65,77 Billion Euros)

Operating profit
470 Billion Yen
(3.97 Billion Euro)

670 Billion Yen
(5 Billion Euros)

118,6 average exchange rate Yen/Euro based on

Nissan’s free cash flow by 2020 to meet the challenges of profitability and dividend payment in the current fiscal year it becomes to give up.

Recently introduced, a four-year transformation plan, with Nissan in the future, the company also is responding to the challenging economic conditions. Nissan (1.6 billion euros), about 300 billion Yen, mainly with low fixed costs less depreciation Costs will fall 2018 what it expects to close the fiscal year, General and administrative activities for lower spending, lower steady-distribution, including advertising, is due.

New conversion in accordance with the plan, Nissan is still to make the company more competitive in the world in order to create added value for our customers and continually, is committed to strengthen its product range. The attacker sees the planned 12 new model vehicles in the 18 months.

1. Since the beginning of the financial year 2013, Nissan and China hi-tech uses the equity method of accounting for the joint venture between. Accounting net profit, according to this method remains unchanged, despite including turnover, operating profit, now hi-tech-are the result of Nissan.

Net Profit after non controlling interests in the group 2 top

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