30.7.2020 – Norbert Weber, in an interview

30.7.2020 Mladá Boleslav. What time do the world premiere in Prague celebrates the beginning of the month of September ENYAQ IV, SKODA, individual design choices and interior design in new ways. First of all, the Czech automobile manufacturer, built-in electric SUV is based on modern living environments. The previous lines change equipment and natural, recycled materials produced in a sustainable way and is characterized by. SKODA interior design Norbert Weber, head, and feature a video interview with their new interior enyaq IV explains.


ENYAQ IV (Ministry of National Education) is modular on the basis of the first electric Skoda set there. This new Skoda car modification, also interior design, compared to a model with an internal combustion engine?

You provide a very large area in the interior body size according to Norbert Weber: IV ENYAQ the benefits of the long wheelbase, the Ministry of education platform. Internal combustion motor vehicles without this equipment to the level of the ground we know there’s a tunnel. This feature can be interpreted as more conceptual room to make it look even more generous and airy feeling of the interior have used. This is generated in more than one layer, for example, new instrument panel, applies.

IV ENYAQ new interior design concept, they say. What details can we imagine including?

Norbert Weber: IV a new design concept combines a generous lounge area and a enyaq of emotion. Instead, familiar ENYAQ IV lines and equipment for the first time, perfectly compatible materials and colors and new design which resembles the modern living environment we offer many options, the choices for us. Also clearly offer option packages configured for different topics, only a few options is available for all models. So we can offer the customer clear and simple but yet a very individual selection.

What ENYAQ significant in the field of interior architecture spatial IV what are the changes?

Weber: the issue here because of the lack of a central tunnel there are offers in a variety of ways. The front is too low-level for additional storage or console-I have used layered in this room. The advantage of the middle seat foot space, as well as the rear passengers extra leg extremely generous, long wheelbase comes to the front. The extraordinary sense of space for passengers enyaq IV also offers a boot volume of 585 litres in addition to this.

How do you define interior design IV enyaq?

Weber: Open, cheerful, innovative and sustainable. Frankly, the design choices and themed packages easy configuration thanks to the generous space and very airy because of the good spatial in a sense. This-inch large screen, the central screen and the new president, including augmented reality and innovative features such as continuous with the use of natural and recycled materials 13.

The car is new and it is a sustainable material, and Next, What are the new colors?

Weber: seats, there are, for example, 40 percent wool and The Woolmark logo design for the covers to move to the press it’s a choice. The Woolmark Company. The remaining 60 percent of the item is made of Polyester recycled PET bottles. Covers for seats and a pleasant climate make it a unique feeling. Another example is an extract from the leaves of the olive tree produced in a sustainable way especially in the leather tanning chemicals instead of parts, there are.

ENYAQ interior design IV what are there for events?

Extending across the entire width of the instrument panel, door panels enyaq IV horizontal space, giving the impression of Weber: to me, especially as a decorative ribbon increases. In the centre at the bottom of the screen, quote, at the same time, The Shape of the grille of the Skoda, and at the same time when using the touch screen, serves as a shelf for the hand. At home it goes all internal and is lined with a soft material so it feels like I’m sitting on the couch.



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