Corona is still clearly noticeable in the first half of the outbreak to 2020, the Audi Group the effect of

31.7.2020. After the first six months of the balance sheet: in the first half of the year, with deliveries, revenue and operating profit was below last year. Corona the results of the epidemic, the economy as a whole and Audi, as expected, it’s a big challenge. Happen especially production and a strong recovery in customer demand in the second quarter, again was marked.

A positive trend can be seen deliveries: Audi -22 percent in the overall market better set up, with 28 percent. As a result, sales revenues in the first half of the year 2020, €20.476 million in the Audi Group Operating result before special items in the amount of EUR -643 million.

“The Corona Effect also was reflected in the financial figures of the epidemic. Quick-term spending-optimized Corona reacted to the epidemic and our short and long-term projects without compromising on our product.

Financial and legal management Audi AG Arno Antlitz, member of the year, we’re starting with a strong liquidity in the second half,“ he says. The worldwide decline in demand and interruptions in the supply chain global production of Audi’s German sites and stopping short study led. Since the end of June, the Audi all of the works produced.

In the first half of the year 2020, the company is the Audi brand to customers worldwide 707.225 (2019: 906.180) vehicles were handed over. An outbreak of 22 percent in the first half of the year Audi related decline than the 28 percent decline of the total market in spite of well-developed. The virtual map room or new Audi Audi fast Audi stayed in touch with your customers and trading partners as digital measures with a series of live advice, in spite of closed commercial establishments reacted. The delivery of improvement is shown: in the month of June, Audi, more than 8 percent less per car just turned over in 2019. An improvement can be seen in the case of the global order entry, this is just below the level of Corona.

In the markets, the picture: percent in Europe (29) and the U.S. (22), in the month of June, deliveries of the Audi brand still Sour mixed. A significant recovery in demand in China since the month of March. In the months of May and June, four rings of each record. The most important single market cumulative sales of 3% with a minus, slightly below the previous year. China, the new Audi A6 L, Audi S2, Audi Q5 L and is the most important factor of growth in the first half of the year. l. had

In the first half of the year the Audi Group unit sales revenues, e all-electric Audi sales good for the development of 20.476 (2019: 28.761) a positive contribution million €due to Tron, medium (2019: 9.444) Audi E-it’s been years 16.898:-tron have been delivered to customers decreased. Thus, the Audi e-tron is the world leader in full electric vehicles among the German premium manufacturers. 2020 in the month of May, four rings Audi e tron work in the market are also increasingly Full.

Against the background of a difficult situation Sunday because of an outbreak of the operating result (2019: 2.300)€-750 (for 2019: 61%) operating return and sales for -3,7 million took place. Extensive compensation measures on the cost side, we were able partially the decline in volume. Additionally, adverse effects from valuation of hedge transactions the effects on the earnings development. Million for special effects (2019: 2.300), €-108 -643 million euros, the result of work in connection with the issue of the amount of diesel in your sales set up and adjusted operating return 3.1 (2019: 7,5) percent. The operating result had a positive effect on autonomous intelligent Driving sales within the Volkswagen Group.

In the reporting period, the Audi Group’s pre-tax profit (2019: 2.580 million) 86€, containing financial results for the increase here, for an important reason, in 2019: Audi Electronics Venture GmbH-group sales to be higher during the 280 million investment result of €836 million, respectively.

Despite a tough environment Sunday, there will be net cash flow and net liquidity the Audi Group’s: net cash flow, the sale of shares in the background (2019: 2.253 million) 1,953 K, especially euros. Net liquidity 19.875 euros(as at 31 remains high. Million December 2019: 21.754), Audi was launched in the aftermath of the corona-liquidity task force of the outbreak, continuous output and reduces the ability to move by Audi to provide long-term help. Constantly behind non-product queries, related costs and investments. Enhanced investment discipline, thanks to which the Audi Group a-2.4 (2019: 3.0) percent ratio reached kind of an investment.

“Despite the first positive signs of the market in 2020, continues to be extremely challenging. High and we manage with the focus on the corona of a crisis with the necessary flexibility. Arno’s face if short-term expenditure are made during the testing phase in the last few weeks, even though long-term projects and implement them consistently for us we’re having,“ she says. “Strategic decisions and set the agenda for the next few years. In essence, the model range include electrical and digitization.“ An Example: Artemis. Additional unit the new E-models to improve faster. In addition, Markus Duesmann of the board of Directors, President, Audi AG, research and new one for my car and the responsibility for the development in the field of software controls in the context of the board of Directors of the Volkswagen Group.Software Foundation the Volkswagen Group.

For 2020, the company continuous Corona of a pandemic, a significantly lower demand on the background of the global automobile market is waiting for. According to Audi the Audi brand deliveries last year and expect revenues significantly in the same group. The operating result significantly below last year, but is expected to be absolutely positive. Net cash flow is expected to be below the previous year’s level.

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