Digital Porsche opened a new office in Spain

30.7.2020 Barcelona. With a new office in Barcelona, Porsche AG is expanding its international network to develop digital business models digital unit. The main focus is on customer service and new online application is current and consistent on the expansion of high-technology solutions for the automotive industry.

Porsche Digital site works, together with the side seat seat:with code. Teams, product managers, software developers, technology specialists, and consists of UX designers. Has been in close collaboration together in the future and to develop digital projects.

Porsche Digital Stefan Zerweck, COO “we are very pleased to expand our international network together with the seat CODE,” he says. “Our goal is to take a proactive and strategic advantage for Porsche digitization opportunities. The establishment of a global framework for development and innovation is required. Barcelona, it’s a great opportunity for our organization to inspire more abilities now.“

Barcelona, one of Europe’s largest innovation centers, and developer and there is a scene of a remarkable technology. The facility is to be expanded significantly in the coming years. Premises in the city centre in around 30 employees by the end of 2020 are expected to works.

Seat:Sebastian gram code, the seat of the Chief Information Officer and a board member, declares: “SEAT:for seat and the Volkswagen Group to develop digital products and code solutions ‘digital camera’ to us. Porsche Digital collaborate with, share information and work together on projects, ensures that it is able to spatially.“

160 employees work in seven places around the world

Digital Porsche Zuffenhausen-based sports car manufacturer and technology company Digital blacksmiths there are. Find new digital business models their main task to optimize and scale existing products like. A 100 percent subsidiary of Porsche AG, digital offerings and services, tailored industry solutions, technologically perfect and the driver has been a catalyst for developing the digital ecosystem.

In Europe, three locations in Barcelona, Israel, China and the U.S. four additional offices, including new offices such as the Global Innovation Network. Other digital development centers located in the heart of Ludwigsburg, Berlin, Tel Aviv, Shanghai, and Silicon Valley are there in Atlanta. Digital Porsche in the month of July of the year of 2020, San Jose, Palo Alto, and moved its headquarters to Silicon Valley, which became the center of.

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