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31.7.2020 Cologne. Deserves a great past and a future, therefore, re-distributes spare parts for classic Toyota models and Toyota race now it Mak. (1993-2002)-legendary Japanese sports cars to be made for pressing icons three parts: the beginning pulse accelerator, Toyota Supra A70 (1986-1993), the A80 Supra as well as the new GM technology within the framework of the project the following pieces of built heritage makers and world record holder 2000GT, Toyota from 1967 until 1971 and this next step a small number.

Toyota Supra Press first on the occasion of the introduction of current GM Toyota Supra A80 A70 in the month of May 2019 and the series of parts for remanufacturing (170-143 fuel consumption g/km emissions combined 7.5-10 L/100 km, CO2: combined:), announced that its famous predecessor modern genes are transferred. Passion, performance and speed, beyond no ordinary sports car, which entered service in 1986 and A70, 173 kW/235 hp on a powerful 3.0-litre was led cylinder speed from zero to 100 in 6.3 seconds and, therefore, Japan’s “most advanced” for journalists celebrated as accelerated. Still angry, let’s move on the next Supra A80 1993. Free Turbo dual victories in series with the racetrack 243 kW (330 hp and like its predecessor, this Toyota Supra is collected and determined.

GR 2020 Tokyo Auto Salon part of the legacy project in the month of January of two Supra-specific part of a breeding program for the series and gave information. This (Above A70) (A80 Supra), or Cardan shaft as door handles and the headlight and brake booster the basic components of a new variety, positioned next to 1. Toyota dealers Toyota Genuine Parts can be ordered as normal at July 2020.

Only genuine Toyota parts departments compared with regular re part of the GM Heritage label is different. Number, which is different than the previous parts, especially all the details about the current part number, but also constantly updated prices and sales periods will be published on the website of the GM Heritage parts:

Parts orders and customer requests are registered, the more compensation Toyota models order date for delivery to avoid bottlenecks, re-rush the next what. GM adopted the revival of heritage in all parts of Tracks” instead of the function, and guarantee the highest quality standards and genuine Toyota Parts correspond to restart “. Partly, the differences in material and structure is located. This specially produced “Revival Parts” spare parts”, i.e., new parts available, out-of-print the accuracy of the alignment of the parts, function and quality may change, there are control range by Toyota.

To reconnect with the original parts, or a new backup as part of the Heritage Classic pieces all the fans of Toyota GM, compressor to protect the authenticity of personal memories with many of the tools Project provides. Toyota sports cars motor sport road racing bring it Mak, GR and G Supra Race, Toyota had laid the foundation of modern models because the most legendary pieces of Heritage are at the beginning of the project GR. Therefore, the A70 and A80 Supra Supra in the second step, to manufacture parts for Toyota 2000GT, the first Japanese super sports car that follows.

Toyota three World Records, global awareness (10.000 km, 15,000 miles, and 72 hours) in Tokyo, Yatabe high speed test and a total of 13 international motor sports records big victory, but first of all, as soon as the first of the series 2000GT 1967 by a whole number.

Only twice” 1966 James Bond secret agent movie Japanese cars first official you live the adventure “was a much less spectacular appearance is the Toyota 2000GT. Advanced and Series, Yamaha series, and 337 Toyota 2000GT in small pieces in cooperation with high-tech engines for a specialist prepared.

In fact, 220 km/h fast sports car techno logical unexplored territory conquered, then the top two world’s most advanced petrol engine with 2.0 liter six-cylinder engine, thanks to not least. Now, this is super rare for athletes these parts visionary and breeding starts, first, transmission and differential parts re-released all.

1 GM Heritage parts is available on the web site. Orders will be accepted and explained the details of August 2020, but only for owners of the Toyota 2000GT, there’s the sales. In addition, only a limited number of parts per vehicle will be sold again, the Toyota 2000GT sports car for the past and unique custom can be ordered.

Toyota all Toyota models, race tracks and all the parts of it Mak the history of the project there is a plan for the expansion of GM Heritage. Sub-a gradual extension of the catalog preparation, including a Toyota other classic types are examined.

(Source: Toyota)Toyota Supra A80

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