Audi park open and closing speed download

3.8.2020. So far, especially on motorways, Ingolstadt, Germany is now in a central location: high performance electric cars in a few minutes with the loading of the loading points.

Audi AG in Ingolstadt Stadtwerke Ingolstadt, the city of a community project, the park is the so-called high-power charging within the framework of was opened.

With four CO2-neutral energy to power the centre in the future Yesil charging stations available in the near future (already safe for future generations of the vehicle, kW) 300 kW high power is thanks to. Audi e-tron 55 energy for a range of 110 miles in about ten minutes to install, so the electric model of the four rings in 30 minutes later and is ready for length.

The goal of the project partners-the city of mobile for the future of ecological mobility-a visible sign for the Park for the new E high-power charging continues. In addition, customer acceptance and cost-effectiveness in terms of the community charge, local parks allows you to project the important information.

In addition, with the new offer, people because there is the possibility of charging at work or home so far the car is here it comes to electric mobility E-the hands should not be in.

Charge the park in Europe, manufacturer-independent and uses all available CCS Combo 2 connector type vehicles this standard interface so you can charge the charger in, United States. Columns with transition free and download popular apps maps, for example, Audi service charge e-recharge which will act as the operator of the park, Stadtwerke Ingolstadt-moving, or closing the application service charge the e tron.

Audi and the park closing speed (source: Audi AG)charging open

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