AutoBild Sportscars: premium contact 6 is a “well-balanced top athletes”

8.3.2019. Under the title “pit stop” reported the auto Bild Sportscars in its latest issue (issue 4/19) about the current summer tyre test. Among the eleven participating tires of the size 245/45 R 18 premium contact 6 of the Continental has been awarded with the top rating “exemplary”.

“A balanced top athletes with outstanding driving behaviour on wet and dry track, stable-safe for Wet and dry handling, precise steering behaviour on a wet runway, short Wet and dry braking distances”, summarised by the editors the test result.

Good points premium contact 6 collected, especially in the case of safety-relevant topics. So he drove during braking on a dry road, in the hydroplaning test, and wet handling is very good and good ratings. Thus he laid the Foundation for the best grade, which is awarded by the editorial Board.

The premium contact 6 is a passenger Car and SUV summer tires for vehicles from the compact class upwards. He is currently being manufactured in 120 articles, the shares of up to 300 km/h. The premium contact has a variety of releases of renowned vehicle manufacturers for mounting from the factory.

Continental premium contact 6 (photo: Continental AG)

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