Happy Birthday Toyota RAV4

25.1.2019 Cologne. Happy Birthday Toyota RAV4 it is on Saturday, 2. February, from 10 am to 14 PM in the Toyota Collection.

With an exciting SUV to day, the unique vehicle celebrating collection, on the premises of Toyota (Toyota, All 2, 50858 Cologne, Germany), the 25-year-old anniversary of the inventor of compact, family SUV. To experience all five generations of the RAV4: the cheeky FunCruiser from the year 1994 up to the completely new full hybrid with electric all-wheel drive and all, as always, free admission.

Who does not know him, the versatile Toyota RAV4, which has already thrilled more than 8.5 million SUV Fans as equally innovative and creative family and leisure vehicle, there is always Amazement. Just behind the entrance of the Toyota Collection, the visitors of a colorful range of the SUV will be welcomed, the enthusiasts in the 1990s as a 4×4-FunCruiser for the beach and shopping Mall as well as silent and locally emission-free winner of the spectacular Scandinavian Electric Car rally. Whether as an airy convertible, ultra-compact three-door hatchback or a family-friendly five-door model with hybrid drive: the Toyota RAV4 is a cult, because he conceives of the SUV. Exclusive to the 25-year anniversary of the RAV4, the most beautiful variants of all five generations meet in the Toyota Collection.

In this interactive experience exhibition is by the way allowed to Get into almost all vehicles, whether it is the very first RAV4 of 1994, or the all-new RAV4 in the class of 2019 in edgy-cool Design. Fun is guaranteed in addition, a hands-on action, in the pictures of the most beautiful, most exciting and happiest experiences with the family and travel SUV on a screen and live commentary will be projected.

In front of the gates of the Toyota Collection, the various Communities and Clubs want to make a Birthday for the RAV4 hold and, in addition, rare and well-traveled vehicles bring. Not too Young to be missed – and OIdtimer other extraordinary Toyota types, because the monthly Public Openings of the Toyota collection have established themselves as a target for spontaneous trips.

Another Highlight of the Toyota Collection, a total of more than 70 classic other Toyota models from five decades, including the off-road classic Toyota Land Cruiser, the rare Crossover-wagon Tercel 4WD as a pioneer of the RAV4, early Hybrid models, exciting sports and racing cars, or exclusive prototypes and show cars are also on the theme day for the RAV4. If you want to experience all the Highlights of the model history of the Toyota and interested in Fun Facts and background information about these fascinating automotive milestones, should take advantage of the offer of the Guided Tours. The tours start at 10.30 am and 12.30 PM and are free of charge.

For pre-registered participants guided tours in motorsports Museum, held in cooperation with the Toyota Motorsport GmbH (TMG). The hour-long tours start at 10 am, 12 PM and 14 PM at the Toyota Collection, on the site of Toyota Deutschland GmbH. Pro management can report to a maximum of 30 participants. The forward message via the Facebook page of the Toyota Collection. The registration period ends on 28. January 2019 to 15 PM.

For more information about Events and exhibits in the Toyota Collection, free Newsletter. Just under www.toyota-collection.de on the “registration” button and then sent by E-Mail with a Link to confirm.

Happy Birthday Toyota RAV4 (photo: Toyota)

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